white shadows

Sometimes you just gotta sit and wonder why you came all this way when you really don’t have much to show for it. I guess optimism is like a rubber band. You can only stretch it this much. And beyond that, you know you’re kidding yourself- it’s either going to snap or ricochet and hit you full in the face. You know that the slump, the despair is real. That things will never go your way. That even systematically, methodically you can’t solve all your problems because luck is never on your side. Never was, never will be. You are worthless and they all agree.


7 thoughts on “white shadows

  1. This sort of depression hits everyone. All you’ve gotta remember is that you make your own luck. The universe is against you, all the odds are, yet somehow you’ve still managed to grow up and not be an Ass, know something and have some prospects.That’s what makes you special

  2. Dinesh- Gahhh..I know.. I’m just being a babyKris- Where have you been!!!! I missed you! You know I dont say that to everyone!monicker- then I hope I’ve been goodMegha- get on chat ;)Silvara- thanks, they are getting there now

  3. I’m sorry Hun. I’ve been busy, Fighting evil and that. Not much time for blogging, looking at blogging, Blogenstile (German, for blogging), or anything of the like. its good to know things are getting worse without me, makes me feel special, and that my appearance has mysteriously shifted the forces of the Universe in somebody’s favor :POh, and if you’re desperate for your Krister fix, you should really of hit me on Msn or the like. Its usually eternally logged in because of Work, or doing something at Home. That, or you could get it from a dealer, but then you’ve gotta be careful. It can be cut with stuff like Self righteousness and Misguided advice, and then you’ll wind up with a bad headache, more problems then you started and possibly a bad case of Suicidal scavanger Birds.Remember, stay clean.

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