Office Space has gotta be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I can relate to it to the point of being spooked. It has all the stereotypes and yet not one tired cliche. And the Jack Berger guy from Sex and the City! *girly giggles* Oh and Milton rules! Go Milton!

The office is a vampire
I’m easy prey
It sucks my blood
little by little each day

The office is Satan,
I’ve signed over my name
It sucks my soul
little by little each day

Colleagues are like maggots
I’m a cadaver in decay
They feed on my flesh
little by little each day

It’s a terrible job
With uninspiring pay
I’m a slave to corporatisation
little by little each day.

I believe you have my red stapler?


9 thoughts on “overkill

  1. So… yeaaaaaaaaah.. whaaaat’s happening? Um… Yeaaaah… I’m gonna have to ask you to come in to work on saturday…Arrrrgh.. Now I *NEED* to watch the movie again!!!

  2. hehehe, seriously. can you believe i’d never watched the complete movie till about a month ago? I’d catch bits and pieces here and there on TV. but I never appreciated it in its entirety before!what’ve you been reading to come up with poem though? Lovecraft? 🙂

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