All the small things

Oh the week has been terrible. Absolutely terrible. I’m sure that wasn’t difficult to figure out, was it?

First I get sick. Then I get sicker.

Then I throw a temper tandrum. At my father.

I yell at my mom. Then I yell at my grandmom. Big fight. I spend the entire day crying surreptiously through my mascara and looked like a raped cat by the end of the day.

I meet someone who basically dangles a carrot in front of me and then tells me to get lost.

Wheeler is moving to a seat near me. Wheeler is going to keep talking to me non-stop because he doesn’t know anyone else on the floor and this place is quiet as a morgue anyway. Have I told you he’s hit on me before. Groan. See, normally I wouldn’t groan about some random dude hitting on me especially if the dude in question has a remarkable sense of humour. (Witty guys are very hard to come by.)

BUT there is a but-inducing circumstance. He was at my desk just now talking to me about exactlym where I was going to be on Saturday night (very spookifying) and as he is nodding to what I’m saying, the bevy of beauties that is my team struts by his side.

And Wheeler does what zillions of bazillions of men before him have dubiously done while talking to the female of the species. He turns and stares. And follows HotChick’s ass for like.. fifteen seconds. And I know it’s petty but it bugged the living fuck outta me. Because normally I always have something very mean to say to such men but since this ass works with me, I can’t!

Oh and do I have to admit that this whole shitfest made me feel like a class UGGO!? I mean, my confidence hasn’t exactly been flying flags lately. And now Wheeler has also done his fair share to make me feel a little bit more invisible. It takes a lot of courage to admit an insecurity. Just thought you should know.

My hair!
What is going on with it? It’s HUGEEEE. It’s not frizz It’s going to need its own zipcode very soon. Or I need to find the time to get a hair cut. Ugh. Seriously.

My boss is going to do my review today. It is gonna suck ass. I can already feel the depths to which it’s gonna suck. I keep twiddling my thumbs all day and suddenly when it’s 5.59 p.m work starts pouring in like nobody’s business. Like it has today. I couldn’t get a manicure during lunch because those fools didn’t make my appointment stick. And now I can’t get it done after work because I am still AT work.

God I am so miserable and angry right now it’s not even funny anymore. And here I thought 2007 was gonna be bettah.


4 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. keep the faith baby..such terrible days come once in a while..have faith that the coming year will be better -hug-and wheeler…well. hes a man.they’re hardwired to do such stupid things..sigh.

  2. I’ve had a pretty packed up week too! But I guess its all in the game.One needs to keep goin hoping the next day’ll be better.Wheeler’s a colleague but why is that stopping you from giving a piece of ur mind? work relationships be damned!

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