smack that

It’s all coming back to me now. I partied four nights straight up this mighty extra-long weekend. All thanks to Gong Xi Fa Cai (gong-see-fa-chai) time, aka Chinese New Year. I shouldn’t have. I didn’t drink much, mind you. But in the words of a Brit-mocking American guy I know, I daanced up a storm! The exhaustion of all that partying coupled with an obsessive tendency to handwash clothes (most of which were worn at aforementioned parties) has washed the colour off my skin.

Mom: What’s up?
Me: I am playing with my baby!
Mom: ?

My new baby, the white as baby powder apple lappietoppie is here… and it is chooo cute! Mommy lurves her pwetty lappietoppie. Seriously, it is like, the cutest computer ever. This afternoon, I had a brilliant idea. I don’t know if I can pull it off, but imagine if you could get several shapeless black stickers? You’ll have a dalmatian macbook! Why did I think of this, you the normal person wonders. Because I thought I’d call my baby Perdita. Or Pongo. They’re both cute names, but I can’t figure out whether my baby is a girl or a boy. Please bear with me; at least I am not discussing the colour of my child’s phlegm, which is more than I can say about some people I know.

Over the weekend, I decided to withdraw my application to the cosmopolitan European b-school. The deadline is tomorrow, and I have done jacksquat about my essays. There has never been anything half-assed about anything I do (including my ass itself, there is nothing half about it), and I am not about to send a half-assed, half-hearted, half-baked, halftime, heffalump…I forget where I am going with this. Also minor technical glitch: my reference is in Cairo, as we speak. My strategies aren’t exactly the stuff of legends.

So anyway, I am wrought with guilt- I feel awful. The only proverbial saving grace, if you can call it that, is that there is the proverbial next time. And proverbially speaking, I may have a better chance next year. So, ermm.. I guess hope floats or sings or hangs or vaporizes or whatever it feels like doing.

In words of the prolific (and wrinkled) professor Farnsworth, “Goohd news, everyone!”. Zip is headed to New York for a week and I have pestered her to buy me a coach bag. Hurrah! My credit card bill this month is only about 5% lower than my salary. Of course that is not good news. That is obnoxious. I heralded last wednesday (was it st.patrick’s day? santa fe chicken day?) by buying myself several jamaican beaded earrings and bracelets. Sigh. I hope I get my fourth pair of ear piercings very soon. Inshallah.


6 thoughts on “smack that

  1. Freaky! I just blogged about my macbaby too! (okkkk, that makes it sound like a burger or something.)And my credit card bill is going to be MORE than my salary this month, and you know that :p

  2. How about agnes.nitt instead of Perdita?(Given that you have a Unix box now, you might as well name it correctly, so your hostname should have at least two ‘.’ characters. Mmmmm, FQDNs).

  3. Casa- ill have a baby mac, and diet masala pepsi please!Anon- Whatchoo talkin’ bout, willis?livinghigh- tee hee thanks!TAP- Freaky! and kudoes on the better choice.. Pro rules! Except for the dead grey colour.

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