mr.eel’s beautiful blues

After developing a rabid cold over the weekend, I decided to go to work on Monday anyway. First days at work are jinxed, I think. I tried my best to look dapper. I wore a lavender-colored printed double-cuffed shirt with my favourite black ruffled skirt, black bag and lavender pumps. Of course none of the above elements could do anything to divert attention from my bright red, throbbing and very very runny nose. And I had to get my picture taken for the ID card looking like that. I tried in vain to offer a previously taken picture. FYI my ID card is NOT going to look good. But from what I see, most people here have ID Cards that look like they are constipated or prisoners or both.
After an hour, my supervisor sent me back home. (I had managed to fill one quarter of the dustbin with soggy tissue in this one hour.) I was embarrassed, horrified and kinda bemused about the fact that at least this time it is just a cold. (Remember I broke my leg the last time.) So anyway, I took some medication (the clinic is just downstairs) and went home, where I slept for 7 hours in broad daylight. I also made some delicious toasted muffins with egg for breakfast before I plunged into Sleeping Beauty slumber.

I’m okay since Tuesday, sans runny orifices. The new office is terrific for at least one reason and two words- Coffee machine. Yes, there is an actual coffee machine that dispenses, at my discretion, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and what-have-you of average quality. Two free coffees later, I am finally able to type something somewhat coherent. Yippee. I am also wide awake. Also, I’m the besst dressed person here, from what I’ve seen. Yipeee times 2.
Other than that, how am I doing? Frankly, I am overwhelmed by all the goings-on in my life. Money is obviously a huge consideration. But gargantuan costs notwithstanding, this is a prettyyy huge development, and a positive one at that. I don’t think I can pass this up just because some people strongly believe I should. The brevity of all this is just beginning to sink in and I can tell you that a few breakdowns have taken place already- the first one was out of joy, the second out of fear and the last was out of stress. I am complicated like that.

I am happy to report that since Tuesday, I haven’t spent a dime on lunches. Nice eh? Every litte bit helps. I’ve also been cooking dinner all of this week (which is quite the norm for me anyway). I’m gonna also tone down/tune out the partying affliction which will automatically result in reduction of cab-related expenses. Also, I aim to be punctual in keeping all engagements which will ALSO cut down cab-related expenses. The Jups shall be in utter and total control! HAIIIIII YAAAAAACKKKKK!

Speaking of all things painful and rewarding, I am also happy to report that I have complied with my pledge. I.e. I have gotten myself pierced again. Jups now has four holes in each ear! I’m soooo trying to be punk, aren’t I? It looks nice, more risque than having three holes and a little less risque than having five. The fifth pair shall be due the day I start my own fashion house/hedge fund/private equity firm/nightclub. I gotta admit, the feeling of shaking off the corporate yoke with this small but uncommon gesture is empowering. Just like the curly unruly hair.

That’s it for now. I love this song. So very cute. Beautiful blues- that’s what I have right now.


3 thoughts on “mr.eel’s beautiful blues

  1. “Just like the curly unruly hair.”Amen to that, sister. I refuse to succumb to the all pervading flat-rebonded-identical hairstyle that is sweeping the entire Malaysia, Singapore, God-knows-where-else region… Embrace the curls, i say!-curlylocks (heh, hence the nick!)

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