music of the night

It’s thursday! One more day to the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Again, waking up in the afternoon is no longer an option for me. Would you believe I wake up at 8 o’clock on saturdays too? It really pushes the exhaustion to staggering levels.

Last saturday, I had a grand plan. I was gonna get my medical tests done, beg at the bank for a loan, register for my exam and finally spend the afternoon and evening at a cafe writing my scholarship essays. Alas, it was not to be for the frikking hospital was more crowded than a mall before Christmas. Most of the people there were queueing up for health checkups. I was in the urine test lottery.

The lady informed me that waiting time was 1 hour and the test itself would take 3 hours. 3 hours? I can cook a fancy dinner for 4 three times over in that time. Ugh.
Anyway, that was one boring, awfully long saturday morning- sitting in the waiting room sans music and wide awake just so I wouldn’t miss my name being called out, pottering around from room to room clutching embarassing bottles, films etc only to be asked the same question over and over-“Are you pregnant?”, “Can you confirm that you’re not pregnant?” and finally “You’re not pregnant or what”. Then I proceeded to get absolutely lost in the area and was determined not to take a cab. So I changed two buses and finally made it home in time to collect a courier I was expecting. Did that, cooked lunched and worked from home. It was too late to run any of the other errands, but I did manage to research some material.

Basically this saturday shall be used to redeem the last one. There’s so much to do and I’m so excited. In the coming months I would have borrowed over 50,000 euros at excrutiating rates of interest. I had to borrow money from Neil to pay my deposit, for crying out loud. Somehow it doesn’t scare me as much as it should. Visited the dentist this week and further treatment will start soon. On the bright side, coupla weeks is ample time to figure out how to pull out 2000$ outta my ass.

Today I’m nicely dressed, hair looks good after ages, toes are painted; Casa and I are meeting Jack and Buzz for dinner. I’m expecting a lotta goodnatured jokes in bad taste (I’m so clever sometimes). Tomorrow we go paartaying.

Sunday night I’m watching the Phantom of the Opera on stage. I loved the movie, the songs and I even have the dvd. I didn’t watch it in London and I finally get to see it here in a special box seat too (read expensive). I’m gonna wear a pretty dress- haven’t decided which one- printed green chiffon halter (I bought it the day of the good news, it’s so undeniably pretty, wouldn’t you have done the same?) or white silk cocktail dress. I think it will be the green. I booked that ticket a long time ago without ever anticipating that I would be wageless for a good two months when the show finally came to town! But oh well, if you’re drenched to the bone you can’t complain about a drizzle.

Softly, deftly,music shall surround you …
Feel it, hear it,closing in around you …
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind,
in this darkness whichyou know you cannot fight
-the darkness of the music of the night …


6 thoughts on “music of the night

  1. Huzzah, Musical Theatre and Opera. Although I shame you for only discovering it through the movie. Shame shame shame. I think I first saw it when I was 5 in Her Magisty’s theatre. My father was always a fan of musicals and the like, I think Guilbert and Sullivan were my bread and butter for a few years. How can you not love John English as the Pirate King eh? You do know though if you are in a box watching theatre of the opera you are going to have to spend about 20 minutes before the show checking for a secret passage into the box. Y’know, just in case.oh, and you should know by now the best laid plans go to ruin. You should of just rocked up to the hopsital, covered in cornflour coloured green and claimed to be greviously ill and your urine test would of been done pronto. That, and you would of been quarentined for having the plague, but it would of been done damnit.Oh, and just for the sake of it. Are you pregnant?

  2. Wendelin- noooo comme baaccckkkkkkkkkTragicomix- Thanks :PKris- Noo don’t shame me! I knew about it before too. I just missed watching in London because everyone else wanted to see Les Miserables. Honestly! Haahha I thought about going to the hospital in torn clothes and coughing a lot..but umm quarantine is pretty hardcore…Oh and I haven’t seen Gilbert n Sullivan. I’m such an ignoramus.Bocajunior- thanks yo! And no I am not pregnant!!!!Casa- You’re the father! Im gonna kill you.

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