It could be due to the fact that my hair looks glossy, frizz free and in the right shape today, but I’m in a better mood today. Also, I think I like my new desk. I’m gonna personalise it a bit, bit by bit. Maybe it’s because there was a hand written “congratulations” scrawled across my otherwise formal typed out admissions letter. Why do I get the feeling that not all the admits got that? It’s just a feeling, I guess.

I befriended a barista over the weekend. Now you must understand I’m turning into one of those strange people who have internet at home but prefer to take their laptops out to a cafe filled with strange people who also have internet at home but prefer to sit at cafes. It is all the more strange because I am no stranger to brewing great coffee. I’d say it runs in my genes? So anyway, seeing all these people looking for their next great idea sorta eggs me on too. So I spent most of Saturday drinking from a bucket of caramel macchiato (Non fat,okay?) and typing away furiously- “Positives”, “negatives”, “3 examples”, “this essay sucks”, etc.

Now I’ve seen Dan once before. Right after my second interview for the dream b-school (which was quite disastrous), I was crying/talking to my grandma, deciding what to order. He asked me what I wanted and I snapped “gimme a minute” and ignored him (not intentionally). I orderd a coffee and some mutated vegetable pastry from the counter and was served by another barista.We only talked because I was sitting at a table where apparently two men had lost a briefcase of some sort. He wanted to know if my friend and I were from Bangalore. He had an American twang and I’m guessing it’s only city he knew? So anyway, we talked for a bit and he’s from LA or SF- I can’t remember. I know, I’m like the worst listener- it’s a package deal with being a manic egotist.

So back to saturday, I sat there on the couch typing away and this guy sits next to me- a handsome older guy with a laptop and several papers. He’s sort of a doofus because there isn’t much space on the table if he sits next to me, he shoulda sat in front but anyway. He’s scribbling away stuff whilst reading and I also get the feeling that he is reading everything I type. At this point I’m doing an essay on women. It’s quite fierce. So while he walks around trying to look for a better seat, I get a quick look at what he is scribbling.

He’s a consultant, doing on a case study on.. get this…a luxury goods brand. This happens to be one of my essay topics too. What the hell!!! Could it be? Could I be a consultant? I believe that a lotta idiots want to get into consulting because it’s like, a brainy profession that pays well and you probably don’t have to whore out your soul like an ibanker. The idiots in question forget that they probably have the analytical skills of a cow. My point is, if the whole world wants to be in consulting, then it’s not cool. Ugh.

Anyway, back to the main subject. Handsome older guy left (and left me disappointed by not talking to me, just imagine how awesome it would have been to get a professional opinion yeah?).
Then Dan spoke to me on the pretext of clearing the empty glass. Asked me how I was, I guess he was testing to see if I remembered him. I did. I asked him just what the hell he was doing here. Turns out, he just graduated and is using the break constructively. Oh, and he’s not a dumass. He’s going to law school next month. I told him I thought it was a great idea to work a totally brain-dead job before plunging into serious law stuff. I also told him where I was going and he recommended I do the same thing. I am heavily tempted! So we gave out our names and shook hands and I told him I’d come by again. Brainy American kid on his way to law school part-timing as a barista (not a kid technically, he’s probably as old as I)? Isn’t that one heck of a cute story?

In fabulous news, Phantom of the Opera rocked out. Like seriously, it was so frikkin brilliant!
I must specifically mention how tiny the actress playing Christine (insert mad love for short women) was and how well she performed “Wishing you were somehow here again”. Am I allowed to say that I prefer Minnie Driver as Carlotta? She’s so fiesty when she says “dhese tings dhoo aappen. and did you sthop dhese tings from aappening? NON!” The Phantom and Raoul were strikingly tall, handsome tuxedo-clad chaps (I’m assuming the Phantom was handsome under all that makeup) and with beautiful voices. “Music of the night” was spectacular and I wouldn’t have expected it to be any less. The Phantom’s lair is spellbinding- I don’t know how they made it look so realistic. God bless Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Also spectacular was my stunning green dress. It is by far the most glamourous and scandalous outfit I own. I never never dreamt I could wear something like that. What’s more? I had beautiful green satin espadrilles that matched the dress perfectly (the shoes were bought before the dress, I swear). I felt like a Goddess. Wheeee. I need more dresses like this.

I can’t wait to wear it at a b-school party among my classmates most of whom happen to be old farts/married old farts/married old farts with get the gist.


6 thoughts on “masquerade

  1. Casa, If you are bored… CALL ME!!!Jups, can I get a picture of you in the scandalous green dress? When you quit your job and work at Starbucks, make sure you pinch a couple of mugs for me (& lapel pins as well)!

  2. Gorgeous and scandalous at the same time eh? I am, by law, forced to ask for a pic. CBI wants to keep a picture of all weapons of mass destruction.Too cheeky or handalable? (new word #734)

  3. Casa- No you read the Juice because the Juice, as we all will agree, RULES! SPAAAAARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAUP- Cheeky alright but I can handle it!Boca- Awwww :DBuzz- *blush* are you flirting with both of us? You better call her okay!!!

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