on my way

Say Ooh la la! My first b-school party…

After one of those all-day training type days at work, I went to get my hair done- this time I chose get it in huge bouncy curls, which softened out in the next hour and ended up looking quite beautiful. (It’s still gorgeous today) The dress code was white (not elegant), and the drink of the night was sangria.. you do the math..in the words of the Italian “I can’t promise you that THAT won’t happen”..I wore an old white teeshirt and a white skirt (i’ve never worn it before because I realised after buying it that it makes my ass look like a footfall field) I told Casa before we left “I’m dressed like a fool, so people better fall in love with my face!”

The party was a total blast! Smart, good-looking people everywhere..the Iberians were “muy bien”-ing away for everything! There are very few women in b-school (which is quite sad) The girls wanna make plans to party with me, the boys well.. let’s just say, being female is good, being a young female is an advantage and well being cute has never done no harm.The Indian guys were not all assholes, I am relieved to report. A couple of them are dorks, a couple are Indians-raised abroad. And one of them made my day by pointing out “Curly hair and big eyes! You’re gonna get a LOT of attention here”. He then proceeded to repeat the same line twenty times.

Oh my God, can you believe that? curly hair is good!!! Suck on that you chemical rebonding/ionic synthesising /ceramic ironing freaks! Screeeeeeekekekekee. I guzzled insane amounts of sangria and slept very very late. There’s a lotta work today, so not the best day to be low on sleep and squirming with bodyaches. Ughhh.

On another note,

Last week while I was taking down notes on some procedures, something strange happened. My handwriting came back! Okay that needs some substantiation. I used to be incredibly neat and tidy,and if I may say so, I have reasonably pretty cursive handwriting. (It is unstable in style- which is supposed to reflect unstable character or something, but still) Since I started working, my handwriting has turned relatively wretched. I used a paper diary to jot down the things I did during my Europe trip; aggrevated by the cold, my writing was even more wretched. So when it suddenly started looking pretty yesterday, it was quite a surprise. I also had a sudden urge to used blue, red, black and teal colored pens. That hasn’t happened in a while.

It is quite unsettling (and yet exciting) to know that a few months from now, my life and routine will be completely different. I will still continue to wake up ever so slightly late but I’ll dress differently, pack a different bag, carry loads of stationery, write notes and draw squigglies. Mom and Dad are in Dubai this week. My dad thinks he doesn’t get to spoil me enough, he feels guilty about this and occassionally calls me up to ask if I want something totally ludicrous. Last month he called to ask if I wanted a sapphire necklace and earring set! Well I thought of something. I asked mom if she could get me a backpack! You can’t start first day at school without a brand new backpack can ya? I want one from le sportsac- colourful, cute and not geeky at all. So yes, I asked mom to see if she could find me a nice one.

Speaking of all things pretty, dad’s shipping my new shoes over! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Since all happy posts must have happy songs to associate them with, here’s my happy song for the day… it’s Disney and it’s sickeningly cute not unlike me!

Tell everybody i’m on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead, yes i’m on my way
And theres no where else i’d rather be

Tell everybody i’m on my way
And i’m loving every step i take
With the sun beating down, yes i’m on my way
And i can’t keep this smile off my face

Spoke to the boy from across the ocean; he called me a “drunky”.. cute nay?


4 thoughts on “on my way

  1. Ah! your bschool posts are making me impatient. How work sucks these days. Can’t wait to apply myself..again.By the way, you’ve spelt aggravate wrong; twice now. Although, if it’s any consolation, a google search reveals you have a lot of company! 😛

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