crying :(

I lost the my monitor’s digital cable.. I didn’t cry

I lost my iLife remote…I didn’t cry

I lost my cute D&G mobile phone… I cried..

😦 I miss you, come home.


7 thoughts on “crying :(

  1. Do you mean the Dolce & Gabbana golden Moto Razr? If that is the case, consider yourself freed from the ugly bling-bling super-crazy-shiny phone! (You are only person no. 2 that I know who is crazy enough to buy that phone. I had a Razr… it was black and classy.)I would recommend Bang & Olufsen Serene mobile for you… that would go with your chic style!

  2. Boca- I didn’t get it back :(Eleventy-seven- NooooooooooooooooooooooSilvara- I know ..sob sob :(urban pro- ITS NOT UGLY! It’s different..there’s something about people not wanting to be different, and that’s great for me. It is bling and it is limited edition, I like both. And Serene is way way way out of my cough.. budget. But I agree, that is a hot phone!anon1: NOT FUNNY!anon2: I get it, it’s a very clever joke. here’s a bone, now go away, shoo!

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