la isla bonita

Dear Juice,

So I bet you’re thinking, she’s kinda stopped bitching eh? Well she hasn’t. Come on? You expect someone who’s just lost her outrageous, cute mobile phone for no fault of hers to not bitch? huh!?

To say that I am upset at the loss of my mobile phone is a slight understatement. This was my fourth one purchased and third one lost and the only one that reduced me to a shivering pile of tears. It wasn’t geek-friendly, it didn’t do much but it was astonishingly vain in its golden splendor. And I waited and coveted it for the longest time to get my hands on it. And I did good!
If I had left it out in a public toilet or a restaurant (which was the way I lost my second Nokia), I would at least hate myself for being my usual clutzy forgetful ass of a self. But I can’t even do that because I didn’t take it out of my bag. that is if I did put it IN my bag. That’s the case of the mysterious disappearance of the golden phone. If it left home, it never left the bag, and if it never left home, then why couldn’t I find it? And if it is just tucked away in some corner of either my bag or my apartment, why doesn’t it ring? Someone took it and turned it off and that’s the only reason it would go into the generic voicemail message.

I hope the person who took my phone breaks into large, ugly, itchy, peeling purple hives. Okay I am done now.

Thank heavens for my macintosh, I had backed up almost all my contacts. But imagine my disgust last night when I discovered that my borrowed also cute, also slim samsung wasn’t supported by iSync! Mind you, my flashy little d&g baby WAS COMPATIBLE WITH ISYNC, so suck on that. And Nokia is like a fat guy – he may be smart but I don’t wanna be seen with him! So my next phone is also gonna be a Motorola, mostly because even if it is a gizmo, one must always remember to bring sexy back.

Speaking all things sexy, I was just ogling at David Beckham’s ad for Motorazr Maxx -he is wearing a white string around his neck- and I can’t help but wonder if he is in fact a south indian brahmin boy- in which case, I want to phone home and have my parents send my horoscope-schmoroscope to Beck’s mother pronto. It will be a winter wedding, and my kids will be beyond beautiful.. One can dream.

Which brings me to sleep. Zzzzzzzz. No not that. I’m not getting enough of sleep. Work’s been so busy, so busy! It’s kinda lonely being in a new workplace- it always is. Not too many people to talk to. I get stared at a lot, I hope that’s a good thing. There is an Italian guy here who stares at me a lot during meetings- doesn’t talk much to me, but is generally quirky-funny. I’d rather people talked to me. I don’t have a lunch buddy here. I actually had lunch with my grandma yesterday in that I spoke to her for the whole time I was ordering/eating. I’m homesick. And I feel lonely now. Why do I do this to myself!

I realise that I’ve gone for the longest time without a real break or holiday. I didn’t take a break before joining the new company and I can’t take leave now anyway, not to mention the fact that I am only slightly better off than a homeless man (in that I have a home and that I’m a woman, HA!). Strangely enough, I am not even mildly tempted. Yes, it would be a welcome change to lie on the beach or act like living flotsam in the shallow waters. it would be nice to fall asleep on the soft sands while the wind plays with my hair. It would be nice to make sand creatures like squids and turtles better than Tee did. It would be very very welcome indeed.

Le sigh. Excuse me while I drift off. *cue seagull cries and wave sounds*

It’s one of those days, whatchagonndo?


2 thoughts on “la isla bonita

  1. hey babe, I’m in the midst of my examz..and my 3months break is following that and I’m gona need a job *hints*(because you’re supposed to help me with my resume..remember?)catch up soon for coffee ya… I mean really, let’s meet coz I miss you.and I hope you’ve not forgotten me…coz, I haven’tlove and smiles,Cass

  2. Good luck for your exam babe! No I haven’t forgotten you – sorry for not being in touch, been so busy and I lost my fone also you see :(lemme know when you’re free.. we can meet up..and get cracking on the resume.. 😀

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