Hide the children! Glamourpuss is back and she has gone into skank mode!

It’s not just the nails that have suffered from the tension and stress I had put myself to these past few days. After subjecting myself to acute money saving tactics like restricted lunch spending, extensive use of public transport, zero shopping and excessive consumption of cabbage, I managed to stick it out till last Wednesday. It was my first real salary in two and a half months. How’s that for self-control?

So my point is that I earned it. Really earned it. And then I spent it. Really spent it.

On Sunday, I watched Fracture- a totally blah movie that dared make Ryan Gosling look like an idiot. Insupportable, alors! I had a coupla hours to dine in hell before catching 300 for the second time. I love that movie to bits! After all we’re just mere mortals in front of the brave king Leonidas… man, if he were a praline..I’m just saying..Anyway, Casa and I decided to window shop but one thing led to another…

The display windows were both cute and skanky at the same time. These days I look at anything desirable and I ask myself “Will it look cute during class? After class? Can I wear it to a b-school party?” Of course I insist I have been excessively good at being Ms.Frugality but sometimes, we’re only human, eh? For the longest time, I’ve loved polka dots but they have been conspicuous in their absence from my wardrobe (hereafter known as the bottomless pit). On Sunday I went and bought not 1, not 2 but 3 polka dotted things!

I’ve been looking to add orange clothes to the bottomless pit so I have something to match my orange sandals with. That’s how it started. But the display window had this very cute not-orange-but-hot-pink polka dotted shirt with a plunging neckline and a broad black belt. I hate broad black belts and I despise how people wear it with ANYTHING, especially over cute dresses that don’t need belts. BUT this particular belt looked good with this particular hot pink shirt, so bite me.
I threw it over my hand on my way to the trial room, along with a brown polka dotted top and an orange teeshirt.

Then Casa finds me this to-die-for-cute orange polka dotted halter dress, exactly like the one Carries wears in Paris in the last-but-one episode of SATC (except with slightly smaller dots and no flounce). I also find a scarlet wrap dress with white polka dots- it is totally chic and wearable- and a red tartan dress that I’ve been eyeing for a long time (it is a shorter version of the red tartan dress that Charlotte wears to the scottish fling). I know I know… I am mad about satc!

The shirt looks absolutely hot. The brown top is sexy but not extraordinary. The halter dress fits like a dream and wrap dress is very short and skanky but it also wears very well! The tartan is polished and cute. I want it all!!!!!! Buttttt, there is a budget (cough) to stick to. The brown one is out. The tartan is out simply because it is from last season and still not on sale. *shakes head*
So basically I bought two polkadotted dresses and one polka dotted shirt. Tee hee. They’re all on the scandalous side of the bottomless pit but I assure you they are very very cute.

Because I love my body and because I have no issues with bragging, I’ll have you know that I look amazing in dresses. So you see, I couldn’t resist. On the charge of spending money frivolously in times of financial distress, I plead not guilty.

Oh and that orange dress is a totally different shade of orange, so I won’t be wearing it with my orange sandals. Don’t say it.

Speaking of cute things that never fail to cheer me up, did I ever tell you about the beautiful and gigantic posters I bought at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam? Yeah well, I finalllly found a way to get them framed without blowing up 120$ on each!
Not to mention expensive frames are heavy and hammering nails into the wall is always unappetising. As is the thought of a 3 kilo picture frame hanging from a questionable nail on the wall right above the bed. Hmmm.
I got some poster holding plastic thingamajings (6$) from a movie memorabilia store, covered the posters on both sides with clear plastic (1$), hung up plastic hooks (3$) from the wall and hey presto! Almond Blossoms greet us both in the common space between the bedrooms and the Courtesan inspires me with her reflection in my dressing mirror. Wheeeeeeee. God bless your soul, Vincent!

Dayum, it feels good to have money in the bank again!

p.s. took me three whole days to write this..can you imagine how busy it is at work?
p.p.s. weekend’s busy too- gotta study, gotta volunteer- the only saving grace is that I intend to wear at least one new outfit! wheeee.


6 thoughts on “glamourous

  1. funny the way ppl with the deepest pockets overflowing with moolah,so much so tht 10s are now really small change, say tht ze wallet cannot take it! maybe its meant to mean that the wallet bulges a little too much to carry around..wallet cannot take the stretch n tear…

  2. Casa- You are ze right, you are also ze guilty of all the things I enumerated!Anon- Tsk tsk,what’s with the rabid jealousy? poverty’s making you very bitter it seems? eat some cabbage!

  3. Sometimes your blog just makes my day.. thank you for that. Gives me the energy (and excuse, because I get inspired) to kick some serious ass around here! :)) Love ya Jupiter!-mockingbirdP.S: And polka dots, they are SOO back! I have dress in brown and blue with an uneven hemline, which I wear with my same-shade-of-brown 4-inch pumps. I know, it is the cutest!!

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