Extra! Extra! Yesterday’s juice at today’s prices!

Meh.. two unpleasant emails in the inbox- rejection letters for scholarship applications. UGH. How unpleasant. How ruthless. How poverty-inducing. I feel poor. I foresee poverty and cabbages. It’s a good thing b-school parties are sponsored- at least alcohol expenditure won’t be too great. Now if only the holidays were also sponsored. And also if the food was free. One can dream, because clearly writing long essays about one’s poverty didn’t do one much good.

After the longest disappearance from the general radar, Trippy called last night. I was too shocked to even recognise her voice- I was half expecting those dreaded AM updates you see? Seeing an unknown call and hearing an unfamiliar female voice didn’t help. 2006 was worse to her than it was to me. Her mother passed away after a terrible struggled with cancer. And then she got sick. And her mother-in-law got sick. It’s overwhelming isn’t it? The poor girl, she’s so brave and smart. We talked for a long time- both of us had loads to update each other about. It’s been hard to stay in touch since she moved. Sigh.. so many people moving to New York and here I am, making plans to work in London. Am I weird?

I went shopping again on Friday! Again! I picked up a totally naughty little black halter dress with the cutest paisley design. Sassy says it’s aztec-y. We likey. I also mustered up the courage to walk into this designer boutique that seems to sell the tiniest clothes. The mannequin had on an adorable toga and I just had to try it on. Turns out, not only do they make clothes for my typa body but also their clothes look great on me. AND I AM JUST AN S!!!!! Praise the lords! I tried on so many cute outfits- thank God they were crazy expensive or I’d have bought em all. This orange printed one shoulder tank top suspended by one flimsy orange strap with two orange beads through it, was to die for but I couldn’t bring myself to pay 80$ for something that whimsical. So I picked a devilishly sexy, sheer toga top in turquoise blue. Took it for a spin and a dance on Saturday too. Can’t wait to try out the black dress too. Maybe this week.

Pirates of the Caribbean is aouut dhees week. I am dhaaying thoo caatch eet.. Ai am taking thursday aaff (it aappens to bee dhee release date) so I can get-uh guhd tickets to catch the charming Davenport and the darling Depp and that awesome Tia Dalma oo-maan oo taaks-uh lyk dhees. Maybe I can wear something pirate-y to the show and talk like a pirate? Arrrrrr. Shrek 3 is out soon too, been hearing some bad things about it though. Eric Idle is pissed about them stealing Monty Python jokes or some such. Oh well.

Well, besides all of that, there is nothing much going in Jupsville except for the french prep. The exam is next week and I don’t feel prepared at all. I have to do well but I am not getting enough practice. Listening, writing and interview- and I’ve only prepared for one of those, just about. Sigh. So much to do.. Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui m’aide a practiquer mon francais?

Update: Got some dayum finnnee seats in the last row to catch Pirates. ARRRR.

READ THIS: My buddy Clint needs you. Yes you, dear reader. More than that, he needs your breakfast. Intrigued? Go here


3 thoughts on “moi…lolita

  1. aiyyoo ..that bad? You must see it! You must! it’s brilliant! Orlando Bloom with a huge scar across his chest and a bandana. SUHWEETTTTMockingbird- My little black is totally printed so..don’t know if it counts.. but I have little pink, little orange…

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