don’t you worry about a thing

Now that finally I am done with exams for at least 2 months, it feels good to wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and then take a hippopotamus-sized yawn and then go back to bed. Yessiree, it feels jolly good.

On Friday night, I went drinking with princess after the longest time. We hit the bar and we hit it good. We had several shots until the bartender started giving us shots for free. “If it’s in your mouth, it’s on the house”… how could I resist? Go Midori! And by that I mean I was drunkety-drunk.

The weekend was absolutely blissful. I spent most of it sleeping, daydreaming, etc. I also started reading Principles of Microeconomics which contributed immensely to aforementioned sleeping, daydreaming, etc.

Having said that, work’s a bitch as always. And it is slowly sucking my soul out. Seriously, you have no idea. The days are long , and made longer by the fact that the whole office hates me with the kind of malice most people tend to reserve for Adolf Hitler. It amuses me…

But onto more fun things… this weekend promises to be promising! Why? Saturday is the Open Day at my B-school..a lotta students will be coming in from different countries. I can’t wait to meet them and drink with them. Some of them have already started calling me and making plans.

Shopping update: Yes I did it again. Please.. I need the release. Think of it as drugs, except that it makes you look better! I bought a to-die-for blue checked cocktail dress and a grey sequinned mini skirt. Whoopee.

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2 thoughts on “don’t you worry about a thing

  1. anon- I’m partial to the brit/european labels..nothing out of the ordinary- topshop, zara, dorothy perkins, mango and of late forever 21. Local/oz labels- try Hani Brown, Rabbit Habit and Little match girl. bonne chance!

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