Chasing cars

Groannnn- Word most associated with Monday mornings after sleepless, tiring weekends. Mine was unbelievable.

Friday night I partied and drank with Zip and friends in an early celebration of her birthday. I had to end my night earlier than the rest at 2 to retire to bed and prepare for the long Saturday ahead.

B-school Open Day.. Only 30 students and some partners attended..guess everyone can’t fly down for a weekend of seminars and intense partying, right? The whole day was one giant information overload. I was so overwhelmed by it all that when I got home, I took a panadol and napped for 3 hours. There are so many things you and I know about business school, but the Open day was all about telling you the things you didn’t know- like how there is a possibility of getting hired within your first week at school. Yes, first week. Or how your sign-on bonus could easily wipe out your loan. Or how you study by day in shabby clothes, network in the evenings in business suits and party at night in club wear. Or how the Italian food in the canteen is not being received very well by the Italians.

Being one of the youngest people is still bothering me. I’m not saying there aren’t other people my age but I guess that age does undeniably bring with it wrinkles and a little more knowledge with every passing year. And that knowledge is a prerequisite, like your books and your gab.
In any case, a banking strategist who is a relatively young alum literally reprimanded me for considering my age as a weakness and said that I would have no trouble at all. If I had to sum it all up, that day was about smiling till my jaws hurt, making myself visible to everyone as the party planner, earning the nickname CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer), meeting some very smart Indian men (!!) and eating some yummy codfish.

Then we partied until 3 in the morning, met again for lunch which stretched into teatime which stretched into hanging at my place which then turned into beers on the beach, house-hunting at 10 pm, supper at the food court and barely 2 hours of sleep after which I am at work typing this.
I have to say that most of these men (I say men because the women are a minority, I say most because yes there are some clueless nimrods too) have managed to surprise me with their charm, wit, dancing, extreme chivalry and a conspicuous lack of chauvinism.

How ironic (and yet predictable) that the most ambitious, aggressive and even arrogant boys have this attitude! One says I look like a fairy (cheesy? Bite me!); another says he will get me a job because he wants to work with me. I think I am really gonna like business school.

It was remarkable to actually spend a weekend in Singapore like I had never been there before, like I was a newbie. Maybe I’ll take all those little weekend getaways I’ve been meaning to take since I graduated but never did. Maybe I’ll learn to mask my soft look in the boardroom. Maybe I’ll teach someone how to slow dance knee-deep in water. Who knows? Everyday is going to be great..I can tell. For now, all I need to figure out is a way to get through the day without fainting or dozing off in a puddle of drool on my keyboard.


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