friday I’m in love

Boy has it been a tiring week. I am drowning in work. Today’s no exception but a head of soft washed hair feels lighter as do feet in open-toed shoes as does the body in the hot pink shirt and the corduroy pants. For some reason noone can stare at my face when I wear this shirt but that hasn’t really stopped me before.

I overslept the morning. AGAIN. The morning was mildly comical because I remember grimacing and cupping my ears with my hands instead of shutting up the alarm (because I can’t figure out where the obnoxious noise is coming from) I can be so idiotic at times! Last week, I took cabs to work three days in a row and somehow managed to not carry forward the jinx into this week. Until today. I went half hour late to work and into a meeting. I got dirty looks from my manager who seems to exhibit hostile behavior whenever I wear pink clothes. Weirdo. It was his birthday this week and we got him a coffee-cake. I hate coffee flavored cakes no matter how rich they are. Same goes for ice cream. Tiramisu is a different matter. But with coffee flavoured cakes, I always have this mental image of a clumsy chef going “oops, I dropped my coffee into the cake batter boss!” This particular one had at least a million calories in a single teaspoon and was the exact colour and consistency of sludge. Barftastic.

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was Prince William’s and Adrian’s too. Regrettably, they both ignored me.

The scariest thing on list of things that need to get done is the dental appointment. Yessiree, there’s more where that came from. I haven’t figured out where to get the money from. Swipe first, worry later..I guess? What’s worse is I get the thing done in the morning and I have to be back at work by lunch-time. Hmmm.. what’s the best way to say this? Oh yes.. the prospect of showing up at work drugged up on tranquilisers, with a face swollen like a pin cushion with bleeding gums stuffed with gauze, starved, in pain and unable to speak clearly sounds absolutely delightful.

Anyway, fuck all that. Random fact:- I’m totally crazy about Panic ATD these days. Random fact: The Cure is totally under-rated- I mean look at how cute and appropriate this song is! It’s friday I’m in love people!!!

I don’t care if monday’s blue
tuesday’s grey and wednesday too
thursday I don’t care about you
it’s friday I’m in love

monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart
thursday doesn’t even start
it’s friday I’m in love!

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