Woo hoo

All my efforts at remaining calm and cheerful notwithstanding, yesterday was a miserable day. Downright miserable. But thank God for small mercies. Brendan rang at night and we spoke for an hour. Or should I say we laughed for an hour. You’d never have guess that same girl was crying in the office the very same day. I guess that’s what friends are for – cracking ridiculous jokes on company time (his time, not mine). Did I mention he has a hot voice? Yeah baybee, Yeahhh! (If you didn’t read that last sentence in an Austin Powers accent, you shouldn’t even be reading this blog. Shame on you)

What I am trying to say is that despite my crippling pms cramps and the tiny inconsequential detail that I devoured my body weight in Thai food during lunch, I am in fact in a good mood. Which means that I am going to erase yesterday’s crapola from my memory and give you my latest creation- the woohoo post.

Ladies-es and Gentlemens,

This is what will be called a woohoo post. There are several things worth woohoo-ing about; so your enthusiasm in sharing my woohoos is much appreciated. Recommended Woo-hoo music: Try Woo hoo by the 5678s or Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani or Song 2 by Blur for the perma-cliched-stuck-in-time-warps. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. It’s my last week at work. Jupiter doesn’t have to sit at a boring-ass desk for another 11 months. (This means EIPBD or Employment-induced-permanent-brain-damage will not occur) Instead, Jups will borrow copious amounts from her dad and even though she will miss the feeling of guiltless splurging on extremely impractical shoes that only match one dress in her entire closet, I’m sure you will agree that 11 months is ample time for Jups’ brain to recover from the extensive damage that the past three years have brought on.So can I get a woooooo-hooooooo for that please!

2. Next week, Jups visits her family and spends one whooooole month in India. She has finally convinced her family to take a trip to sunshiney Rajasthan- a place she’s always wanted to see. She will be staying at the gorgeous Choki Dhani and the stylish Jaimahal Palace. She cannot wait to savour all the mind-blowing Rajasthani cuisine, or hoard the exquisite handicrafts. Expect her to return with tons of beads, gemstones and embroidered cholees and lac bangles and bright earrings. A woo-hooo in the name of all the beauty that is ethnic, please! And another woo-hoo for REALLLY WELL-DESERVED holidays!

Nota Bena: The Rajasthan trip is on standby- please pray that it works out. This woo-hoo will be on standby. Half a woo-hoo for hope, please!

3. Mom reminds me that Nine West is having a sale in Bombay. We all know what that means. Mom also reminds me that I need to get some tailoring done in order to wear my exquisite one-of-a-kind hand-painted sarees at b-school cultural events. I insist all tailoring must be backless. She agrees. A woo-hoo for fashion! And another one for moms that approve! Love you mom!
4. I got admitted to b-school in March. Then it seemed like August was so far away. Every day at work has been a real drudgery, and now there’s just one more week. Then it’s a month of eating, sleeping, holidaying. And hey presto! School begins. A woo-hoo for getting over with things swiftly (albeit painfully)!

5. I saw transformers over the weekend. Centre-screen, last row- the way God intended. This is the awesomest movie evah!!! 300 has oiled up hunks, Transformers has shiney, metal machines! HOT SHIT! I heart Optimus Prime- he is as wise as he is brave. I adore Bumble Bee- anyone who talks in song is fine by me. A woo-hoo for awesome testosterone-filled action movies and how happy they make me!

6. After more than 8 years of ridding myself of dorkiness (aka spectacles), I finally decided to experiment with coloured contact lenses. And I think matching clothes and eye colour may just be the next step. Green looks surprisingly natural (and naughty) on me while blue gives me a sorta innocent, doe-eyed look. A woo-hoo for colours!

6 Reasons, 6 Letters .. Can I get a W-O-O-H-O-O!


3 thoughts on “Woo hoo

  1. Rajasthan is not quite sunshiney these days though , what with all the rains…!hehe…U’ll be staying in choki dhani!! wow!its been ages since i visited tht place…U’ll have fun, girl!!Dont forget to visit the Amber Fort and check out the Sheesh Mahal there! A big woo-hoo for holidays!!!!

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