this is the last time


Counting down to Sunday night. Friday, Saturday, Sunday…3 more days.

3 more days to pollution, traffic jams, crappy dial-up connections.
3 more days to mom and grandma’s cooking, drives with dad and booboo, conversations with grandpa
3 more days to being reminded of the burden it is to be born a girl
3 more days to losing connection with the outside world, checking email once a day, losing all privacy.
3 more days to panipuri at five-gardens, pav bhaji at juhu beach and Rustomjee’s icecream

There is so much to be excited about, and so much to be put off by. So much to reveal, so much to conceal.

I had lunch with Joe on wednesday- he used to work “near” me- a friendly, funny chap. I never had a problem with him until the day he came and told me “Jups, you’re a very pretty girl, but you need to go on a diet, and then you’ll be perfect”. I wrote him off as a typical married Indian jerkwad. But anyway, yesterday’s lunch was really not that terrible. For one, he (like so many other clueless people) are so impressed that I work for awesomelycoolfirm. Secondly, he’s impressed that I am going to awesomestb-schoolevah. Which is all fine by me.

It was surprising- the way he congratulated me and the way he was so supportive. He said I should stick to being single, not get caught up in emotional baggage, that I am young and responsible, that I was doing the right thing and that I deserved it. I have to admit it was immensely gratifying because he is at least a decade older than I.

Even more gratifying was my exit interview yesterday morning. Jo has had to go through heaps of paperwork no thanks to my fleeting entry and exit. So I expected the interview to be a stern “I hate you you bitch and I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what your fucking opinion is” sort of thing. But in fact, Jo is a mild-mannered Buddist, a practising vegetarian and surprise surprise, an Indophile. The interview turned into a casual conversation about my future plans, my aspirations, my background and my upcoming India trip. She told me that she is no longer disappointed about all the hassle I’ve put her through and that it is very hard to come across young people with clear notions of what they want and how to get it. She kept insisting that she was so impressed with me. Also surprising was Clue’s sudden compliment last night. Clue’s another manager here- also very friendly/funny. Out of the blue he told me that I would do great at b-school and that I have a great track record and that I would do great at b-school (he said it twice).

Meanwhile I am impressed with Tagger bags and I am totally coveting one. This bag will be very useful in diffusing some of the sorrow that comes with turning older next month. I.E BUY IT FOR ME! Basically, Tagger is this totally cool Dutch company that makes unisex tarpaulin messenger bags that are 100% customisable. If you don’t like their designs, you can even make your own. And their latest customisable denim range comes out in August (Get the hint!) because all good things happen in August (except the atom bombs). And it’s not that expensive – 160$ for the full size bag that can fit books/laptop (Get this hint as well!)

I wish I could be a grafitti artist- what a fun thing to do.
“I vandalise for a living, how about you?”
“I am an investment banker- I sell blah blah bonds with blah blah to blah blahs..are you even listening?”

Can I learn grafitti? Actually can I just learn to paint? I’ve never taken a serious art lesson! And I’ve been spending my evenings contemplating goose down. Okay, that needs some explaining. I’ve sketched an almost life-size drawing of a canada goose in flight and at the risk of bragging, I admit it is quite life-like. Which is why I need to paint it. And I can’t paint to save my life or the poor goose’s. To add to my chagrin, I’ve gone and lost the original picture. So I spend a coupla hours googling pictures of geese in flight and staring at their feathers to figure out their intricacies. I have so far managed to paint one-half of one wing. Progress is slow, people. SQUAWK!

And speaking of dorky, I’ll be watching the lastest installment of the Harry Potter series which has by far the most unimaginative poster ever- Harry, Hermione, Ron and three other random kids holding their wands in different positions and trying to look serious. I wanted to dress like a slamming hottie at work today but I decided to go with cute instead. Besides I overslept and there is a general underclothes crisis at home. But you didn’t need to know that.

Also causing crises in my brain is the fact that I haven’t started packing yet. Mind you I need to pack for a whole month and I need to include totally sexy clothes which i will wear in Rajasthan disguised as an NRI tourist and the conservative nonsense that I will wear for the social visits and the miscellaneous religious ceremonies I’ll have to sit through. (it’s my first birthday in India after 8 years, the priests need to exorcise a lotta demons!)

But for now, I am enjoying my last day of employment. I went and got a manicure done during lunch (for the first time since I joined the new company). I’m all chilled out.

From today, it’s goodbye corporate suits and hello grunge jeans!

P.S. Should I get my eyebrow pierced? Should I? Should I?


7 thoughts on “this is the last time

  1. Ah, what fun exit interviews are!! (Never been through one, but going by the drudgery of work at my present off, they sure seem alluring! 😀 )best of luck wid everything! 🙂

  2. Oh My Lord I exist!And no eyebrow piercing. I have no idea what you look like, but that’s a good judgement. You never know what they’ll pierce you with, and before you know it you’ve got some top secret government agency’s new laser device, and end up as the only person on earth who can fend off the alien attack. And you definately don’t ahve time for stuff like that, even with work finishing.And yes! You can learn Graffiti art! It just takes practise, and a bit of imagination. Go go with doodling and getting a feel for your style. Its not really technically good graphiti, but is always good for a laugh. Anyways, proper graphiti, just look around. there’s plenty of art books published on it.Anyways, nice to hear how your life is going, and sorry I haven’t been aboyut. Stupid life getting in the way of Internet time wasting.Krister the Swamp Thing-ps, damnit, i’ve forgotten my password 😛

  3. ‘Ello Jups! A big YAY to you leaving, not punching jerkwad in the face, the exit interview, your upcoming b-school madness and your trip!!! Eyebrow piercing sounds so cool, but you gotta know if it is your style. If so – go for it!! I have planned to get a tattoo sometime his year 😀

  4. 1) No eyebrow piercing please!2) The answer to your painting crisis – artjamming! These are places that provide you with the canvas, paints, apron, pallette and hopefully a hot bohemian artist standing next to you! Works well for inspiration….

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