The way I are

Because privacy is scarce, because dial-up is low, because I miss are some universal truths, also known as the short of it : (long to follow)

1. Rajasthan is as gorgeous as expected. Diarrhoea medicines not included.
2. Chennai with pleasant weather is just plain weird. Tirupathi is scarier than expected. Bald women are scary. Enough good karma earned to wash off centuries of sin?
3. All men are disappointments waiting to happen. One more annoys, disappoints and infuriates.
4. I am uncool by Bombay standards- I don’t know the hot spots or the happening clubs and I have curfew at home. It’s not my fault.
5. I have fat thighs. Somehow everyone seems to think so.
6. I have been sick since I landed.
7. Family is annoying and hurtful for most part. But they’re family. Unfortunately, this is the bext explanation we’ve come up with.
8. In typically me-style, I have gone into my books with a vengeance. I have an unhealthy relationship with my economics textbook and there is nothing you can do about it.

I miss my blog! This is Timbaland’s new single – very catchy!


6 thoughts on “The way I are

  1. Bleh, as you should know, us Bombayites have our own standards for cool. No outsider ever lives upto them. You can always choose to do the right thing and redefine cool (also the birthright of every Bombayite)

  2. Happy birthday, Jups. In lieu of a birthday treat I am willing to accept: 1 (one) long blog post detailing Bombay exploits 1 (one) photograph chosen from said exploits, AND 1 (one) pithy motto for the coming year…. Up to it? -Nandini

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