In all that hullabuloo (is that how that’s spelt?), I forgot to wish Leo who shares his birthday with me and Antonio Banderas. Happy birthday Leo and the same goes for you Antonio.

Now that that’s straightened out, this is the very long, mandatory and hardly useful to anyone but me Fashion Update! (Because forget Bombay, the Jups will find things to buy even in ermmm Burkina Faso. In other words, you don’t have to read this.

So yes, even though Rajasthan was mildy disappointing in terms of apparel, it made for this somewhat with earrings. I picked a heap of cute reversible meenakari earrings in several sizes, shapes and colours. I also found a rather cute pair of mary-janes in typical pinkish red embroidered leather. Seems like the cobblers aren’t limiting themselves to typical mojri designs anymore and I am certainly not complaining! But the best of the lot was the beautiful orange embroidered bedspread, cushion covers and quilt that I managed to find. They’re not cheap (groan) and it’s gonna be a complete bitch to bring it back to Singapore but it will be a nice colour change and past experience shows that those quilts are an absolute delight to snuggle into.

Then we have Chennai where I didn’t even wanna bother shopping. No offence but I have a pretty crummy impression of this city. Why? Because I, being a daredevil, ventured out alone to meet some friensd at a restaurant about ten minutes away from the place I was staying; during these ten minutes 4 different vehicles slowed down and followed me (and scared the living crap out of me). Several men shouted and hooted stuff at me (I don’t know what- my tamil’s not that great and I was quite happy that I couldn’t understand it anyway). I was greatly relieved when my friend dropped me back home. What a disgusting experience. Did I mention this was at lunch time?!Oh and also, a bus driver swerved deliberately to scare me. Bastard.

Whatever. Moving on. We’re back in Bombay.

For my birthday, mom found me a cute ruffled up halter top from mango.From pro-mod, I picked up a short white linen dress and two pairs of linen trousers. I thought I wasn’t gonna shop anymore but I shudda known better. So far I have managed one pink silk skirt, one scarlet linen shirt, one linen skirt (I love linen), one white superlong skirt (which I will wear as a dress), one blue paisley-print dress and one extremely hot (I have no idea how mom approved) fuschia dress in georgette. I also picked up a hot (and high) pair of wine-colored leather mary-janes from Nine West (that doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe). Then we went to Ritu Kumar and grandma picked a very beautiful flowy and flowery silk shirt with a jewel encrusted vest. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve purchased this time, decidedly cute and very datesy, so well one can hope.*wink*

I didn’t let the folks pay for most of this stuff- it’s a little extravagant so I don’t feel right about it. I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say “you stupid dingbat, you’re unemployed!!!” and I’d say “I know. Don’t say it!”

P.S. I wonder if I missed anything. Watch this space for more updates.
P.P.S. I did! Peridot earrings from Gem Palace, Jaipur (jewellers to the Queen, ahem)


6 thoughts on “Cecilia

  1. Hhehe – I’m so looking forward to shopping in India – this time WITH my own approval πŸ˜€ (I’ve had bad experiences with my mother bringing me back stuff lol).The hooting – that’s what I’m kinda scared of – eeek!

  2. you dont have to answer this but what beats me is how you afford the tonnes of purchase that your blog so faithfully records ? … is it — a fab job that allowed you to save for 10 years worth of shopping binges, inherited family fortunes or lotto? …

  3. aqc- insert men-related-rhetoric ;)silvara- I know what you mean.. πŸ˜‰ it’s the same with relos.anon- hahaha it’s ridiculous isn’t it? my job is not fab and i don’t have savings precisely because of my spending habits πŸ™‚

  4. Ack, linen seems to be freakishly unflattering to my body. :(And cut Madras some slack, yo (it aint that bad!). The city itself is not to blame for those dipshits’ behavior, although understand that I’m absolutely NOT making excuses for those douches. Oh and next time, plan a trip to Madras when I’m around, you should have done that in the first place. πŸ˜›

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