le soleil est pres de moi

I woke up at 6 frigging a.m this morning to go suck up at the immigration authority but them amazing folks had my student pass ready and waiting for collection. I was out of the building, visa in hand in barely 3 minutes. What a relief! Why? Because I needed the visa today. Why?

Because I am going to Cambodia tomorrow… W.o.o.h.o.o!!

Not with b-school buddies, but with Casa! Yayy! Our first holiday together (if you don’t count Hong Kong)- We’re heading to Siam Reap on a pilgrimage of sorts.. visiting the beyond-gorgeous temples of Angkor. Mind you, they used to be *and still are* Hindu which means it counts as much for a pilgrimage as a dip in the Ganges!

I’m really excited to pray, to shop for curios, to drink the very cheap alcohol and of course try the apparently amazing cuisine. Something tells me I’m going to be very contented..I’ve been in such a great mood this morning I even went downstairs and waded in the pool for a good hour…. it’s a beautiful morning…la la la…. and I’m going to cambodia….

I’ll see you on Sunday morning sweets.. be good and if you can’t be good, be bad.. but in a good way *wink*


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