Janie’s got a gun

First things first.
Angkor Wat is something else… something from a different time. It hypnotises you, enchants you, even torments you. It makes you think back to a time when these buildings were alive. You want to know what that must have been like because you cannot for the life of you imagine how manyfold the grandeur of this place needs to be multiplied. Casa and I had the blastest blast evah!

And now for the bitching.
First week at business school has sucked ass and donkey’s balls and everything else in between. For real, I’m hating it. In the spirit of being uptight and organised, here are ten reasons why…

1. I am a foot shorter and half a decade younger than almost everyone. Even the women are Amazons.
2. I keep getting lost, not something new but still…
3. My locker is on the third floor.
4. Every second person you meet is an arrogant business consultant/turd.
5. You can’t have a conversation longer than 2.5 minutes with a guy without him telling you about his girlfriend/wife. Dude, I just smiled at you, relax, I don’t fucking care when your girlfriend is coming to visit… my pants are still very much ON.
6. I can’t get my laptop configured yet, which means I can’t access my email yet!
7. There are too many people to meet, too many names to remember and my mouth is tired from all the fake smiling fake laughing faking faking faking.
8. EVERYONE is married or taken. All “we” people, if you know what I mean. Refer to #5 to feel more and more like a leper.
9. My periods happened on the first day. Could it be any harder? I had to skip the cocktails and the Monday night partying because of that. Plus I’ve lost my appetite. I haven’t eaten anything today either.

And the top reason why I hate bschool right now is

10. Some fucker stole my idea. ALREADY! I had this amazing idea to be eco-friendly and cut plastic usage in the bar/cafeteria…I tell it to a coupla guys and that I’m gonna email the admin staff about it and guess what? This fucker shouts MY idea in the auditorium to the head of admin and operations. And no surprises, but the dude obviously loves my idea! Thieving son of a bitch.

And don’t tell me life’s a bitch, the guy who took credit for my idea is.


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