am to pm

Blogging from the bus stop/bus. That’s what it has come to. In other words, I am so busy! So let me start by telling you about my SCHEDULE, also known as the BLUEPRINT OF DEATH-ARRGHHHHHHH. (BODA)

BODA is the bane of my existence. BODA tells me what to do. I obey. Jups proposes, BODA disposes. You get the gist, buddy? BODA leads the way, from 830 in the AM to 1030 in the PM.

It’s not just the classes. Mais bien sur, non. Preparing for the classes is way more intensive than the classes themselves. Presentations and talks happen all the time. And there is still miscellaneous shit to do. I am happy to inform you that I have therefore deleted preparing for classes as well as lunch/dinner from BODA and my existence. In fact, I had half a dinner yesterday after what seemed like ages and my body reacted adversely. Looseness of clothing is becoming conspicuous.

In related yet comforting news, I must inform you that I am not hating business school as vehemently as I was last week. No surprises there. I’m liking some people more than others. Parties play a huge role in this as you may be well aware that similar appetite for alcohol consumption is vital to building core-shaking friendships. Who’s with me? So anyway, last saturday we had the big-ass welcome party and it was at the beach- featuring booze, bikinis and stupid behavior among other things. Friendly English boy picked me up with one hand and hurled me into the pool. Ah, to be childish!

But on a more serious note, I still am quite lost. I am missing most of my textbooks and am lagging behind on my homework, reading and other related geeky shit. There are so many forms to fill, so many events to attend that it gives the cliched “hit the ground running” phrase new meaning. I just hope I don’t crash the ground running.


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