ride the storm

It is presumable and/or highly likely that I have the world’s most annoying cold. It’s annoying me. Especially since cold = my nose swelling up to twice its normal size = four times the size of the average human nose. Not cool. ESPECIALLY if you’ve scheduled a mandatory photoshoot for a picture that goes on your CV. How charming. I’m gonna look like Shrek in a suit.

Business school abbreviates to BS which is basically the same as bullshit or bloody stressful or anything else equally annoying. I am truly alarmed at the sheer magnitude of work here! BODA is giving me a hard time. But the good news is that I started studying yesterday. Or should I be cautious and say I studied yesterday? I did some *yawn* T-accounts and journal entries. Now excuse me while I throw some ice water on myself.

Side note: Can you say something “abbreviates to” something?

I don’t need to tell you that there are mind-numbingly dull team assignments that require the kind of advanced brainpower typically found in large mice. Organisational behavior- in case you’re wondering. There’s statistics where you approximate data to some other data so that you can in turn approximate that to something else that will give you a very clear picture of what the original data ISN’T. There’s financial markets where they teach you exactly how some smart-ass investment bankers made a heap of money and then in turn went bankrupt because their smart ideas were either stupid or illegal or both. And of course there is economics, which, like statistics, smartly approximates hyperbolae to straight lines and shopping decisions to “either apples- or oranges” simplicity.

Having said that, the professors here are adorable.Sure they mean business and they won’t hesitate to make you look like an utter git if you screw up, but they’re so smart, so entertaining that they make the subjects more interesting in turn. Not that the subjects aren’t interesting to begin with, but it’s just that all this stuff, the job applications, the classes, the presentations, the team assignments etc are really bringing me down. Not to mention this annoying case of Atchoos!

Side note: The OB stuff really is boring as fuck. seriously.
Side side note: Juice is not listed as an official b-school blog and God bless us everyone for that!)
Side side side note: Yes, there are official b-school bloggers who have taken upon their noble shoulders the responsibility of blogging accurately and in great detail, their bschool experiences. In other words, zzzzzzz.


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