hey ya

I’m chillin’. On my very pretty orange Rajasthani bedlinens. I was awake till 4 last night studying all sorts of statistical mumbo jumbo and managed to tick off the To do for Thursday. The feeling of fulfilment is pretty sweet. Oh but there is so much more to do. Today is accounting day i.e. a day of grimace and grief. You’d think numbers wouldn’t bug me that much but they do. I’m inventing all sorts of exam-smart strategies for this paper. Did I mention my exams start on Monday? 2 papers per day. I’m pretty sure by wednesday, there will be a Jupiter-shaped pile of froth somewhere near I’m supposed to be sitting.

So anyway, I have a schedule to stick to. But there is much to look forward to after these blasted exams are over. I’m flying to Hanoi for the 3 day term break! I hope it’s fun!! And then there is the ball the next week. Tuxes and gowns and all that cheesy stuff. I have to help Brendan get a tux. Wish me luck for that, hehe.

I’ve been having a spate of bad oh-shit-oh-fucking-fuck days but generally these days have been too bad to even afford me the time to rant about them. Which kinda sucks because I like ranting more than I like gushing. Gushing is for losers.

Anyway, with that, lemme finished this crappy chilled low-fat milk and get started on accounting (and I really mean get started). Brendan’s comin over for lunch and I need to cook too. On the plus side, my house looks orderly and OF sent Casa flowers and that always adds some cheer. Hint. I want flowers.


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