no surprises

I want to tell you all about Vietnam and what a great trip I had, except that…

Two of my classmates passed away this weekend in a horrible, freak accident at the beach. No they weren’t taking risks. No they weren’t engaging in any sort of daredevilry. No, there were no warnings. A matter of seconds. Minutes at most. And just like that, they were gone.

I’ve cried all day like most of my class. I cannot fathom the pain their families must endure nor the void they’ve left behind. I want to say that occurences like this make you think about the bigger picture, or some such. But I’ll stick to the truth, which is that I am heartbroken for their sudden deaths. And I am so scared, selfishly scared, that there is no running away from the possibility you could be gone before you’ve really had a chance to do all the things you’ve wanted to do.

It’s unfair and it makes you not want to believe in God anymore…


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