We meet again. Man, has it been a long time…the only reason I am awake at 2.47 am on a friday night and in a position to write this is because we’re having two weeks off for xmas and the new year- which means that no I am not partying or organising a party or attending a barbecue or preparing some long-ass report or submitting responses to online quizzes. In other words, I am able to take time off to breathe, eat and generally not look like something the cat dragged in (I haven’t had a mani/pedi in 30,000 years so technically, I am not well-groomed).

I have been catching up on sleep and I eat eggs and toast for breakfast. Hurrah for me. You shudda seen me on the last day of exams- bloodshot eyes, dark circles, ratty hair and looking more haggard than a hobo in a thunderstorm. And yes people keep asking me why I have lost so much weight (I don’t think I have, or at least I haven’t noticed) but the answer is of course that I didn’t really have time to eat. C’est bizarre mais that’s the way it is.

In other news, I just got back from a short 3-day trip to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. In Moschino terms, the holiday was “cheap and chic”; the hotel wasn’t cheap per se, but since you don’t have to fly there, everything looks cheap…relatively. This was my first holiday with the boy. Actually, this was my first holiday with any boy, period. I mean, the lovey dovey romantic I-wanna-stare-at-the-sunrise-with-you kinda holiday not the I-go-with-35-other-people-group-discount kinda holiday. Although I haven’t ever really looked at any fucking sunrise (they all look the same) anyway because I can never understand why the sunrise view is always at least a 3-hour fucking drive from wherever you stay. Why is there no sunrise where you’re staying? Why do you have to wake up at 4 and drive all the way someplace on top of a hill and risk a big fucking cloud of mist to completely thwart the view? I say it’s a huge gimmick- if you wanna see the sunrise look out of your hotel room, right? Anyway, the point is it was meant to be a romantical escapade and what not- first trip together, getting to know each other, blah-dee-blah.

So I am sure you will be able to see how a broken tooth doesn’t quite gel with the general idea here. Oh yesiree, of all the days in the calendar and of all the inopportune moments that my tooth could have chosen to quite literally come undone, it chose to do so on the night before the holiday and there was nothing I could except watch the damned little piece of shit slowly slip…I wonder why… I mean you never hear about breast implants coming loose, do you? You don’t see demure ol’ Pamela walking about one fine day with her siliconey babies at her knees, huh? So why dental implants? It’s unfair I tell ya. On me, of course, not that I wish for people’s implants to hang at their knees. Lord knows I am too nice to wish for stuff like that. Pfft.

But Brendan handled the dental thing quite well. If his mental commentary went something like, “Jaysus effing Christ, my girlfriend looks like an extra from Michael Jackson’s thriller video!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKS”, at least he didn’t show it.

So dental fuck-up notwithstanding, the holiday wasn’t bad at all. Sure, I am not smiling in any of the photos- it’s like the Ice Queen’s honeymoon, for God’s sake- but overall, the place more than made up with its delicious strawberries, organic produce and heck even its yummy steamboats.

And he did accompany me to the hospital this morning. Kindly note that last night, the tooth completely gave up on my sorry jaw, placed in a ziplock and presented to the doc for further review. So, umm, well, my new boyfriend has now seen me sans one front tooth, in all my ugly glory.

If you say “Oh horror of fucking horrors, I would sooner die than be Jups right now”, then Jups sees reason in your thinking. Especially since later that morning she had yet another “minor” procedure that involved prodding, bleeding and some stitches on the gums. I want to say it hurts but heck after 3 gigantic rhino tranquilisers that were jabbed about ten times on several areas of my mouth, I don’t even care.

So this afternoon I ate a little cup of Belgian chocolate (haagen dazs, my dental day staple) and then went grocery shopping, came home and cooked myself some delicious pasta in sage-flavored cheese sauce. And later in the evening, I made myself egg muffins with swiss cheese. And yes, Cinderella’s stepmom would say “Grace and poise, girls, grace and poise” but I think it’s a litte hard to not lose your shit completely when you’re in a gorgeous hotel room with a balcony that overlooks the entire tea county, the weather is pristine, there is a caring boy with you, the first one that’s ever bothered to go on a holiday with you and all you can think about is that your left incisor is going all Shawshank Redemption-y on your upper jaw.

I should let you know that I look normal again now, the smile has been fixed, of course I will have the stitches on till next week but I think they make me look like a tough nut and I kinda like that. Arrrrrr. The boy has hit the brownie point jackpot which will serve him well seeing as he has left town, which means I will spend yet another new years’ sans man.

But it’s getting late and I should sleep. On the bright side, I have until the first week of January to blog my heart out.

this is drops of jupiter, signing out but not for long.


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