time after time

Ah well… it just turned 31st december.. I sit here with tears in my eyes, not because i am crying but because I have a nasty cold and have been sitting at home with a thumb up my ass and a handkerchief up my nose while my eyes tear away like it’s the onion harvesting season.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it totally and completely sucks donkeys balls that this year is coming to an end. I mean given 2006 was a veritable compost heap of all the things that could possibly go wrong in a 24-year old girl’s life, 2007 was a warm flourless chocolate cake with a soft melty centre that surprisingly doesn’t even make you fat. (In real life, they do make you fat, please don’t kid yourself).

I cannot remember everything that happened this year but I can tell you the big events- there was the new job in the awesomelyfamousinvestmentbank. The job wasn’t great per se but for some odd reason awesomelyfamousinvestmentbank has a powerful name and what works for branded bags seems to work for branded banks too.

And then the awesomelycoolbusinessschool and the gentleandmodest(sofar)boyfriend happened almost simultaneously (and with good reason ahem). And both aforementioned parties have been hugely challenging yet extremely satisfying; and they have both taught me a lot about myself. I love you both dearly- though between the two of you (more so the school than the boy) I have no time left for my other friends (who I loved before you and still do!)…anyway let’s see where the new year takes us all.

As for new year resolutions… I can’t remember what my resolution was last year. Did I have one? Oh yeah- I did- save money (did that), lose weight (did that unintentionally), get a new job or get into b-school (did both), be nicer (didn’t do that).

I have one this year.

My new year’s resolution is to get a kick-ass job- a super fantastic one that pays me delicious money that I will spend on relaxed holidays, a beautiful apartment, egyptian cotton bedsheets, lovely paintings, chic businesswear, glamorous eveningwear, handbags de la luxe and last but certainly not the least, supremely amazing shoes.

And speaking of supremely amazing shoes, guess what Brendan got me for Christmas? A wondrous orgasmic pair of black patent leather stilettos from Calvin Klein. I love them almost as much as I love him.

And speaking of love, I hope and pray to God that 2008 is year that will help me find and keep all the things, people and places I love.

I started this post cribbing about why I didn’t want 2007 to end, but seeing as it has already and this post has itself stretched into 1st January 2008, I have wake up and smell the delicious vietnamese coffee I am so addicted to and realise that it is time to move onto the new year and make it bigger and better than 20o7 ever was!

A toast, my darlings, to a brand new year filled with passion, ambition, support and luck towards making dreams come true. *clink*

p.s. happy birthday booboo! and as I typed that I just realised that booboo just turned 20, ohmigosh, how these kids grow!

Update: New year- new recipe.. I just approximated without any guidance the yummy butter and sage ravioli recipe from my favourite italian restaurant. Dont tell them, here it is- it tastes just as good as the restaurant version.

heat butter (or in my case, I cant believe its not butter)
add 1 chopped garlic glove, 3-4 sage leaves torn (sage is really pungent, use cautiously)
add some corn starch and saute
add 3/4 glass of water and if you have it, 1/2 a bullion cube (I prefer vegetable flavour)
stir until the cube dissolves
now add one (low fat) cheese single and let it melt (use one with little or no flavor like swiss cheese because the sage is pungent enough)
add salt (sparingly because the butter and the bullion cubes have salt), pepper and oregano
stir in cooked pasta of choice

The sauce is a little liquidy and lemon yellow in color but then again that’s the idea.

Man I sure hope I am rich enough in 2008 to buy all the wonderful cookbooks I have desired for so long ..and of course try all their amazing recipes- Heidi Swanson, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver here I come!


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