I don’t feel like dancing

I really don’t buy into the “everything happens for a reason” crapola. Some things happen randomly, somethings happen because you want them to and you make them happen, somethings happen because life is unfair (like it was to my dear friend) and the remaining few things happen for a reason.

The break is over and school has started- it is very hectic, there are heaps of new people to meet- some are nice, some are douches. Some subjects are interesting, some are a pain and just have to be done, especially International Politics. Ohhh..the ughness of it.. it’s not that the subject is bad, it’s just that i know so shamefully little about it that I am too scared to even ask a question!!

Anyway, moving to more things that bug me, everyone I run into has an awesome question for me that I cannot wait to answer. “So when are you getting married?”

So the first time, missdoc asks this to the two of us. Yes, the two of us together. I was horrified. HORRIFIED! How could she do that?!

The second time, a married couple (the guy’s my classmate, they’re very sweet people, and their kids are mad-cute) asks Brendan in front of me, “So.. how many kids do you want?”
B: “I want an entire cricket team”
(I fainted on the inside)
Me: “Uhh..I don’t really like kids”
Her: ” Well, you know this guy will go down on one knee for you”

That night Brendan and I were forced into an awkward conversation about the M word with no consensus, other than that we both thought it was a rotten formality, a technical detail.

Few days later I run into Tammy who just graduated so I screamed out “Heyyyyyyy”
Her: “Hey you! Are you and Brendan still together?”

(It’s been only 3 weeks since I last saw her)
Me: “Uhh.. yeah, sure”
Her: Great! do I hear wedding bells?
Me: Why the hell is everyone asking me this? It’s been only 4 months!
Her: So what? you’re Indian?!

I don’t wanna get into what I told her after this, I tried my best to dispel her stupid patronising misconception. Now here’s where it gets dirty. She then went and asked the exact same thing to Brendan, right after I told her that we weren’t looking at marriage at all! Either she is intentionally sabotaging me, or she is just fucking stupid.

I ranted to Brendan about how pissed I was on an email, he felt the same way too. Because my phone was charging, I asked him to get onto chat

Me: So when are we getting married?
Him: I don’t know, I should probably go and ask Tammy

And we basically had a really candid and un-freaking-out-ish conversation about marriage. It wasn’t awkward at all. I told him that there was no way in hell I would marry him right now anyway and that he wouldn’t want to marry me either and I listed the reasons why. They were really superficial reasons, like we didn’t own a place or some such. For some odd reason, he threw most of them out of the window. I don’t know what that means and I don’t want to overanalyse it.

I love the casual place we are in right now. Marriage be damned, because we can talk about the things that matter like where we want to live. He walks into my study room and I quip “when the hell are we getting married?” or when he drops me home, “if you don’t buy a car, I won’t marry you!”

As for all the hairbrained nitwits who insist on asking us when we’re getting married, I’ve engineered a response along the lines of ” Next week, and you can’t come unless you bring an elephant to the wedding. We’re Indians you see.”

P.S. He’s gone to Hong Kong today- I forgot his flight date, I’m such a terrible girlfriend! I’m spending my weekend at Phuket. Even terribler, if there is such a thing. Brendan, if you’re reading this, YOU BETTER GET THAT JOB OR I WON’T MARRY YOU!


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