why don’t you get a job?

Every night I feel cheapened and used, exposed and unethical. I feel like a lying, two-timing jerk. There’s something about recruitment season that makes you feel dirty all over.

Recruitment season is like mating season and we’re horny dogs. Everytime we see a bitch whose scent we can remotely tolerate, we hump it like mad. Gotta give it a try right?

I’ve aged a hundred years in the past few months. My hair’s falling out in clumps and whatever’s left is going grey faster than you can say “bank run”. The market is doing dismally and that’s a rotten understatement. Jobs are few, if any, especially in the fields I like. Not the best time to graduate from a top business school with an astronomically high liability in the world’s strongest currency. But hey, at least I don’t have stock options in Bear Stearns (then again, I don’t have any stock options and it’s already passe to make Bstearns jokes).

The rejections aren’t bothering me as much as the pessimism. What is troubling is the fact that companies aren’t sure they even want to and can afford to hire.

Today we had a hedge fund come to campus..they’re recruiting for graveyard shift positions in London to work for Asia. Wow, I can already see my sex life, social life and skin constitution going down the gutter. But I will apply because I have no dignity and no backup plan. Bite me.

I wanna say a lot more but everytime I start off another post it ends up being incomplete for the simple reason that I have just about enough time in my schedule to go to the toilet and eat a coupla meals.

Gotta go send out a few applications, do a few mock interviews and generally a ton of shit between now and bedtime. (Bedtime is 2 am).

Did I mention my macbook died? It’s coming back tomorrow.. couldn’t have picked a better time than the peak of recruiting season to die on me. Shit happens.


One thought on “why don’t you get a job?

  1. i hated applying for jobs and it was like that as well – investment banks make u jump thru more hoops tho – well the bigger the company the more they make u suffer…u’ll get thru it… šŸ™‚

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