One last breath

Fine it’s a depressing song but I wanted something with “last” in it, seeing as I am leaving sunshiney country and off to France…France.. where “u” is “euuuww” and “r” is “cough-phlegm-ERHHH”!

There are a lotta things I am looking forward to…

1. full-on conversations in french for sure. I’m wayyyy in the mood for talking to the locals, “ou est la boulangerie? j’ai perdu ma lingerie…” (umm those are two totally different things by the way)

2. Paris. I mean come on! Fashion and romance capital.. granted I am broke and boyfriend-less but hope floats and Paris is beautiful. Nuff said.

3. Living in the countryside – I’m living a cute little cottage on a cute little river with two cute flatmates – a Belgian guy and an Indian girl. It’s gonna be awesome.

4. Cheese! Or shall i say Fhohmaaajjjjjje! Brie and Camembert with fig and breadsticks, bleus and chevres d’oux… Oh I better not get fat or I won’t fit into my gorgeous Hollywoodesque eggplant purple evening gown for the…

5. Summer Ball… that’s right.. we’re having a Cinderella-style ball in a beautiful french Chateau. I have aforementioned lovely eggplant dress. It’s gonna be awesome (except i don’t have a date). Sigh.

6. Netherlands is so close by! I can run over to my uncle’s place when I feel like it.

7. Londontown is so close by! I just need to figure that dratted visa shit out.

The past week has been crazy. I’ve managed to pack my entire house up in boxes. Shipped tons of shit a few mths back to India. Sent some stuff back with dad when he visited two weeks ago. Threw out some. Donated some. Packed the rest. Shipped two boxes of shoes and clothes to Paris. And today I finished packing for my flight. All done down to the last naphthalene ball.

Of course, the biggest anguish is finding that elusive job. I am hoping something clicks in Paris. I’m gonna ask Doux to help me. Doux is the most adorable French boy you’ll ever meet. We love each other and he’s giving me total access to his Paris, his car and his hashish (but I’ll pass on the last one) in exchange for my homemade Indian cooking.

Seems like the banks are hitting the gutters one by one (damn you all) so I can only hope and pray that somewhere out there there is a job with my name on it. And that it pays shitloads of delicious money that I can buy a hell-load of French bags and lingerie with very soon.

But back to the crux of today’s post and that is the fact that tomorrow is my last day in Singapore for now. I do hope I can come back to Singapore to a nice job. Until then, I love you all and stayed tuned for two months of Jups in France. It will be incroyable!!! (pronounced aan-khoh-yaa-bluh!)


One thought on “One last breath

  1. Have fun darl – I’m insanely jealous…u DO know Johnny Depp lives in France…well at least I think he does….Good luck with the job search and got nuts in France! 😀

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