bring dat beat back

School was fun today, met a lot of old friends who’d left singapore for france few months ago. Tons of hugs, kisses and surprise…surprise that I left Brendan behind and came to France(?).

Dinner tonight with daddy yankee. Not for the faint-hearted. I know it looks benign (sort of).
DY and I went to the charcuterie and the boulangerie and shopped for tonight’s very french dinner.

Left to Right (clockwise): Brie, Emmental, Boudin Noir, Saucissons Seches, fromage vielle.

(eaten with fresh baguette from the boulangerie of course)

Brie and Emmental are fairly benign cheeses. No big deal here. Saucissons are dried, salty pork sausages – kinda chewy but nice. Fromage veille is old, salty cheese. Boudin Noir is well, quite scary. It tastes amazing, peppery, oniony, garlicky.. DY told the woman at the charcuterie not to tell me what was in it.. I knew it was pork, I knew it was spicey, but that’s about it.
“C’est tout” apparently. As I ate it, I agreed with DY in that I didn’t need to know what was in it, just yet. But I know now..

As DY explained, boudin blanc (the white boudin) is spicey pork sausage wrapped in intestinal lining (yes i know!) and cooked. So it’s hard. But boudin noir is really squishy. Why? Unlike it’s white brother, boudin noir is raw pork and is mixed with fresh blood – hence the squishy, spreadable texture. So there you go.. raw pork meat mixed with blood and spices and wrapped in intestinal lining. Enjoy.

Yeah I know. I have no idea how I haven’t vomited it out yet. To be fair, it’s extremely yummy. I shouldn’t eat raw pork though- that’s just a big pinada of e-coli and salmonella waiting to happen. We have a birthday party to go to later tonight. DY and I have sworn to go jogging tomorrow to shake off all these “bloody” calories.

If you’re vegetarian and just barfed all over your keyboard, I’m sorry.

I’m probably going to Paris for the weekend with Doux. He has a sweet olive open top Mini Cooper! Sigh… Paah-reeeeee


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