Sometimes pretty things make you blue. Last night was like that. Doux asked me to join him for dinner; I was kinda pleased – Doux is a nice guy, a good listener, he would definitely have listened to me bitch a little about my existential voids. Of course he had to drag three other people who are nice and all, but I am not about to have an emotional breakdown in front of three people.

Anyway, we went to this beautiful restaurant, a creperie, overlooking the river in my town. The view is absolutely precious and Doux promised the food would be delightful as well. I took this picture with my phone and it hardly does any justice to the sheet cuteness of the view from the balcony where we had our dinner.

Of course it’s another matter altogether that they took like 10 hours to make the frikking crepes. We got so sick of waiting! When the crepes did come, they were like heaven on a plate. I had the Cyrano, which was a Ble Noir crepe (black wheat) stuffed with two different cheeses – gruyere, reblochons – Jambon de pays (delish French ham) and lardons (bacon pieces), egg and potato. Quite a mouthful I know. It’s a healthy meal, only 25 gazillion bajillion calories. With a heart attack on the side please.

Did I mention that after gorging myself on this deviliciously sinful, cheesy, meaty, potato-ey creation, we ordered dessert crepes as well! Another crepe! This time, I had the Corne d’abondance in all its sugary goodness – it had banana slices, thick dark chocolate and approximately a kilo of chantilly cream on top. I couldn’t even finish the damn thing, but then again, that probably means I am still a piglet and not a full grown French forest boar. (we have boars and deer in the forest that have an uncanny knack for commiting suicide in front of fast cars at 3am).

But I guess the point is that this quaint restaurant with its lovely view and even lovelier fare made me miss Brendan so much. To some extent, it’s also the reason I am not excited to go to Paris. I mean, I love Paris and I’m sure I will love it more when I actually go there, but I will miss him too. I have already made some notes about Paris – le marais, relais de l’entrecote, the louvre, musee d’orsay and some of the smaller avenues that santa recommended. (santa’s one of my closest friends at school, I love the bloke to bits despite the fact that for a straight guy, he’s extraordinarily bitchy).

The weekend as such was a tad longer as I didn’t have any class yesterday. I also don’t have any tomorrow and am seriously contemplating going to Paris. I’d have done so on Saturday but I instead attended a cocktail mixing session that was absolutely mad fun. I learnt how to make most average-skill drinks like sours and martinis and caprioskas. And delight of delights! I learnt how to shake up a mean cosmopolitan. Given I was taught by a guy who is awesome at mixing drinks, I daresay that the one I shook up tasted way better than the ones I’ve had in Singapore bars.

When I get a job, I cannot wait to buy a cocktail mixing set and have a cosmo party! You’re invited, love, of course.

On Sunday, I went with Heart, another sweetheart who lives in my village to Barbizon, a cute village steeped in art history. The place is filled with contemporary art galleries, often manned by the artist himself. I must say the art isn’t expensive, you can get decent paintings in most styles starting from ~150 euro. Again, note to self, get rich and come back here when you start decorating your own apartment. We also visited the school and museum that was set up by 18/19th century painters like Rousseau and Millet. It was an afternoon well spent.

P.S. Incidentally, wikipedia informs me that reblochon is made of unpasteurised milk. Well, if I get sick, at least I know why.


2 thoughts on “sunshine

  1. When you visit Paris, you could visit this creperie called “Laisse Tomber” near the Moulin Rouge. It is on one of the little lanes around there- hopefully, a local will be able to guide you to it. It is a family-run enterprise and the service is as elegant as les plats!C’est splendide, ca!

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