take you there..

I spent several hours of a Friday evening preparing a cover letter for a job I was seriously interested in. And I then find out that the damn link is broken. Such a waste of time..

I made carrot soup for dinner, ate it with pasta in pesto again. Watched a coupla episodes of sex and the city. Just finished drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Man, I seriously hope the soups make up for all the cheese I’ve eaten since I got here. But seriously, I will let myself go just a wee bit after the ball is over.

It’s not been a totally boring evening. I smsed Brendan who’s either still partying with his friends as we speak or is already passed out or fast asleep. I chatted with Santa who, like me, turns his disappointments into wit. He just got rejected by a company for a job he really wanted. No prizes for guessing that, like me, he too is into banking.

Then again, the evening wasn’t completely uneventful. While trying to puree my carrots into soup, little miss butterfingers here dropped the brand new food processor blades on the floor. While I deflected it away from my feet, my thumb wasn’t lucky. I’ve bleeding for 3 hrs straight. Utterly annoying, stinging and not to mention, gets in the way of making carrot soup! And doing dishes!

Anywho, I am off to bed. I resisted the temptation to call Brendan on his night out. Hot chocolate is instant-sleeping-pill-equivalent for me. I look forward to tomorrow.

To awesome breakfast – yes, French eggs are better than other eggs, they taste absolutely phenomenal! The omlettes come out nice and fluffy, poached eggs taste good despite their simplicity and each egg has a ton of yolk! I don’t know how them French chickens do it.

To Paris. I’m off to Gare de Lyon and then most probably to the Louvre or the musee d’orsay . I need some art in my heart to make it sing..Heart bailed so it’s gonna be just me.

Brendan just called. He’s been partying non stop till 6am! He drunk-dialed me, to tell me he missed me and that he loved me. I had just been watching the season 5 finale where Carrie talks about the zsa zsa zu.. Funnily, listening to him slurring and talking really really fast, I actually did feel the butterflies in my stomach. I feel relieved; we’re past the 6 month mark and listening to his voice gave me butterflies.


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