In case you’re wondering why she posts so many pictures and details, it’s for posterity. I want to read and remember. For my Europe trip last year, i wrote everything in a notebook and well, this is better. Let’s continue.

oh my god! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend! I did so many typically French things!
If I had to summarise it all in one sentence it would be – I spent an afternoon in Paris and exclusively at the Louvre, then I got completely wasted on champagne, felt miserable and the next morning I went to Champagne!!

Interesting? Fun? Tiring? Superfluous? French? oui oui oui!

Paris was exhausting, I walked for miles and miles in my big cowboy boots. I thought it would be rainy and went with extra jacket, sweater, gloves and muffler. Turns out it was sunny and I was lugging around all that heavy shit for no reason. It was nice to speak French to people. The only thing I didn’t quite like about Paris is that I got hit by not one, but three dimwitted morons. ugh, just because a girl’s by herself is no reason for you to try to pull off “oh hi beautiful, come to my heart” sort of shit! And no, they were not the least bit cute.

As I was saying, I spent 4 hours or so in the Louvre, got myelf an annual pass that lets me view all expositions for free and unlimited access to the museum. I saw the Babylon exhibition and it was quite amazing, relics, papyri, mosaic tiles.. it was simply magnificent!

This lion mosaic was my favourite. Well not this one actually, its mirror image which was better preserved and beautifully glossy (even now!). It has so much grandeur and elegance.. sigh. It’s been recreated in paintings several times and the paintings were hung alongside!

This is a page from one of the inches thick books on display, surprisingly colorful, surprising intricate, and obviously very well preserved through the centuries..

I got pretty tired searching for the things I wanted to see, the Louvre is so huge that it is to be seen to be believed. I got some beautiful pictures and yes, I saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and they’re both ethereally beautiful. There are tons of extremely disturbing sculptures and paintings in the Louvre, some relating to massacres, some to rapes and yet others to scenes about the life of Christ. The pyramids are spectacular and in my opinion give a contemporary air to the otherwise old museum. I was so tired mid-way through my quests that I swallowed down a jambon-emmenthal sandwich and an entire bottle of water.

After an exhausting train ride and long walk, I was finally back home. I had met three idiots who had hit on me; my feet hurt and I was parched. Soon after, Emma picked me up and we went to Brendan’s friend’s birthday party where I got completely wasted, threw up, etc. Poor Emma had to take me back home.

The morning, I woke up and went to a junior classmate’s house for the most amazing brunch I have ever had. There was everything you could possibly imagine – sliced fruit, caprese, baguettes, croissants, scrambled eggs, ham, veal pate, tsatziki, 4 different cheeses, jams, flavoured yoghurts, champagne (which I declined, given I was still high from the previous night), coffee, tea, and oh my god could there be more?

We then drove down to Champagne sur Seine…and specifically to Reims – home of Taittinger and Veuve Cliquot. We had a tour of the Taittinger mansion with its 13 century cellars built by Benedictine monks. THe cellars are 4km long and host several thousand bottles of champagne each taking its own sweet time to age, ferment and get all bubbly! We were offered a class of champagne at the end of the tour – i couldn’t drink it.. too many gruesome images of puking.

We then drove to Epernay for an early dinner. I had the Croque Madame (A Croque Monsieur with a fried egg on top), it was to die for. The drive back was absolutely scenic and for good reason. It was called “route touristique du Champagne”. No kidding. Vinyards on both sides of the road as far as the eye could see, vinyards stretching to the horizon… It reminded me of the tulip fields of Keukenhoff (which are of course infinitely more beautiful).

Came back home, slept. This week is a busy one. But at least not as busy as the life of a teeny grape that takes years to turn into champagne. (I know that was a lame analogy).

P.S. Images are from the Babylone website (photographs weren’t permitted at the exposition, though generally speaking, sans flash photography is permitted in the Louvre).


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