love will come through

things are not good. I have an interview tomorrow, it’s in Paris, it’s gonna take me a hundred years to travel there, in a business suit no less. I don’t know shit. Weather forecast is bleek too.

I had my first fight with Brendan since I got here, since a very long time. It was horrible. I am horrible. I haven’t had a single bite to eat all day. I hope we can make it.

I’m so cold…weather forecast is bleek

when it rains, it pours.


4 thoughts on “love will come through

  1. :)Guess what, i read ur post, left a comment and decided to talk to him.Everything is fine now and back to normal. Long distance is all about misunderstandings. So call Brendan up, i’m sure he feels equally terrible for whatever happened.*hugs*

  2. hey Jups – don’t stress – just talk to brendan when you can but don’t let it affcet ur interview. you’ll do FINE. :DHe is probably stewing as well so there’s a thought :)All the best *hugs*

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