j’ai dormi sous l’eau

I have to leave my place at 1130 to reach Paris in time for my interview.. I am so petrified of this one. I really am. I have studied nonstop today and I feel like I remember nothing. I am going to bed in ten minutes. I need some rest before this one because I am going to get killed, destroyed, annihilated.

Brendan didn’t wish me luck and that makes me feel lousy. Did I mention I am scared to death? I am. I can’t remember the numbers I’ve read. I can’t remember anything. My mind is drawing a blank. I am interviewing with an utter big shot who will massacre and butcher me and eat me alive while I am still trying to recollect an industry multiple. Geez.

I just emailed Santa to tell him that the job seems more and more interesting as I find out more about it. And that can only mean one thing. I am going to put a ton of pressure on myself and fuck it up royally..I’m not talking turniquet pressure..I’m talking frogman 20,000 leagues under the sea pressure..Lord I can’t take it. How can I have such a low opinion of myself?

If he asks me a tough question, I will feign an epileptic fit and get out of it. Wish me luck, I need all the luck in the world. Good night (and…?)

I really miss Brendan.. I’m resisting the urge to email him. Wish I could though. Right, that’s it .. off to bed. Ciao.


2 thoughts on “j’ai dormi sous l’eau

  1. im sure ull do fine ! n sure that u and brendan will work it out..honesty s whats imp in a relationship. I’m so angry and disappointed with my bf and i cant even muster up the energy..to tell him… coz he always belittles my reasons for being angry! so anywya if its out in the open im sure ull work it out.

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