Life in technicolor

The last 3 weeks – a lot has happened. A lot. For that matter, the past few months have seemed like an entire lifetime. But just keeping to the last three weeks, the long and short of it is this.

Brendan came to France, we went to barcelona together and I am working on an elaborate post to describe our fascinating 5 days in Spain, for posterity’s sake because I am so going back there! He also took some of my very obvious hints and got me Coldplay’s beutiful new “Viva La Vida” album, where coldplay shows that they can build a beautiful song even without words – Life in technicolor is that song – it makes you think of words….

After that we rented a car and drove around – I cleared out my shitty apartment in my little village, moved to my friends place and we drove around with our friends 3 nights in a row to Paris. We returned home at 3am every night. We went to the Eiffel tower twice. It was illuminated blue (to celebrate France’s EU presidency) and I shrieked everytime I saw it. It’s a subtle blue that reminds me of Picasso’s paintings, midnights and that moon river song. The second time, we made in time to take the elevator all the way up and boy was it fantastic. We caught the late sunset at 10pm. We ate cheesy crepes and had cheesy kisses. It was totally fun.
We met Santa at the hippopotamus restaurant where we had delish cheeseburgers and poached eggs and beer. All in all, it was a bittersweet feeling to leave Paris behind. Bitter because the city has romance and beauty and charm written all over it, sweet because we were leaving France. Let’s face it, France is more inefficient than a clay stove that uses dung for fuel and is made by mentally challenged chimpanzees. (Sorry, the language is lovely, the cheese is yummy but seriously, it’s not a real country!)

Between Barcelona and the drives to Paris, something else happened. I graduated. That’s right, if not anything else, I have one more degree. And I guess that is worth something. Maybe not now, because I am still unemployed but it has to count for something. And so we had our graduation ceremony where we had the option of wearing regional outfits or suits and I chose to wear a beautiful pastel peach and pink saree that my grandma picked out. And boy, was that saree beautiful! I had random moms and dads taking pictures of me, everyone loved it. My own mom and dad couldnt stop fawning, Brendan was surprised that I actually had the grace to (in his words) “carry it” i.e. not trip over the 4 inch high red shoes and fall all over the stage – it was the brownie points lottery.

The parents, the uncle and the brother met the boyfriend and that went alright. Some minor adjustments are in order on both sides but overall no rifles, no shooting, no tears, no emotional blackmail and much to my surprise, acceptance, jokes and relief. It is quite another matter that they want me to get married before Jan next year and the only appropriate response to an order like that is frothing in the mouth.

So now the Jups is back from her French adventure and sitting in Zip’s living room where she intends to spend the next few weeks looking for a job in a city that Brendan is graciously moving to be with me. The only irony is that I dont have a job in the city anymore. But hope is kinda like checking the fridge every 30 minutes even when you know there’s nothing, you know that sooner later you will find enough “nothings” to make a meal out of. Like today, I made a full lunch without using any onions. The fourth time you open the fridge door, you know inspiration is gonna strike. And so my point is that sooner or later, someone somewhere will look at my hopeful, beady, froglike eyes and say, Jups, you’re hired!

Yeah that makes little sense but I got a computer generated rejection letter with no explanation from a consulting company (name rhymes with Backbencher) that I just had my final round interview with. That didn’t make sense either, so bite me.


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