pretty baby

It’s been 3 weeks since I came back to Singapore…home sweet home.. I have been a little sick for the past few days. Like the French transport network, my stomach’s on strike. Maybe it’s the overeating or the spicy food or the disproportionate amount of angst in my system. I have to watch what I eat. And maybe chill the fuck out. I can’t help it though, it’s nearly a month since graduation and there is obviously a fear of the unknown because I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to find a job.

For someone who is unemployed, I sure as hell have been busy. Writing cover letters, re-editing the resume, cold-emailing anyone and everyone shamelessly…I am just hoping that one of them works out. My birthday is approaching faster than ever and I was hoping it wouldn’t. I was really hoping to be at a certain place in life before that, a place that involved a nice fat paycheck. But that is unlikely now. Being broke and unemployed at 26 is really not something I envisioned.

There are other things that are happening on the 10th though. So it promises to be a rather eventful day. Brendan and I are moving into his new apartment – it is a beautiful place that I picked out myself.. marble floors, big curtained windows, wooden wall panels, mirrors… and a sweet little boy to share it all with. Cohabitation – here I come. FINALLY! *Insert victory cry…SPARTAAAAA*

Notice how I said “his” apartment? that’s right. I can’t afford a nice dinner let alone rent on a beautiful apartment in the centre of town. Gah! Well, at least he’s being supportive. I’ll freeload till I get my perfect job and after that, things are going to get better. At least that’s what I am telling myself. The folks have preemptively told me that i should not even think of cohabitation but frankly I have so much to worry about as it is. Being near Brendan will at least take the edge off. And I mean that in EVERY sense of the word.

Casa is leaving on the 10th.. that’s right.. she’s leaving the little city for the big town.. London town. Sigh. I’m gonna miss her. (Thank God for Skype). We are gonna have dinner, drinks and partaying the night it up for one last time in a long time. Between now and the tenth, there is so much time and not that much to do and suddenly between the 8th and the 10th, I will running between immigration control, landlords, agents, the airports and everywhere else!

So my point is (and sometimes I forget what the point is because I have the post window open among so many others and I forget that I even was typing a post until I see the window again 7 hours later, like I did today).. I am sort of looking forward to the 10th of August..not because it’s my birthday, in fact I should say I am looking forward to it DESPITE it being my birthday because some things don’t happen everyday..It’s not everyday that you see your friend off, run to the airport to pick up your boyfriend and move in to a very beautiful apartment all in a span of 24 hours!


7 thoughts on “pretty baby

  1. heheh good idea :Dglad to hear of the upcoming birthdya and the very nice b’day pressie – moving in is awesome and slightly freaky at first. But you’ll have heaps of fun 😀

  2. VEXED in the city!!!!! that is hilarious!! :)A lotta people keep telling me that.. it kinda sucks if you really think about it. I’d rather have a lovely, problem-free life and nothing to blog i.e. bitch about… sigh.. thanks for making me chuckle!

  3. i second the book idea…. or tenth/twentieth/fiftieth the book idea, as the case may be… I’ve returned to your blog after a gap of a few months, and its been great fun catching up on all the updates, changes, life-pondering thoughts and even angst with your personal brand of biting humour. Vexed in the city is a fantastic starting point – good luck!

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