livin la vida loca

I am off to Madrid tonight. I wasn’t going to seeing as Air France flaked out on me again and cancelled a boatload of their flights. I am informed of this on a sunday evening when I am about to fly on Monday. After much ado and one bitchy call centre operator, I finally got transferred to another flight. Now I fly through Frankfurt. I have never been to Frankfurt and I kinda have high expectations from their airport. They have a smart website with all the information you need and I expect no less from the Germans.

This is one of those trips that is impossible to look forward to. I am literally only there for 1.5 days and I get to spend no time in Madrid city.. I’ll be staying far away from the city centre. The only thing I hope to achieve from this trip is to score some jamon serrano, jamon iberico and some more of that delish rioja wine.

Oh and I am of course praying that they give me a nice country to move to and an awesome job to look forward to in January. Amen.


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