I have to be dreaming. Pinch me. Now punch me in the face just so I can be sure.

I am going to New York. Man-fucking-hattan. It’s a Wall Street type job. I won’t be on Wall Street per se..I’ll be in midtown but like that matters? I’ll be a banker in NY during one of the worst financial catastrophes. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, it’s unreal as hell. Surreal. This is the banking job equivalent of a Dali painting.

My God I am going to New York. Somebody pinch me please!

No really in all seriousness, I am thoroughly surprised –I wrote “totally surprised” but I read somewhere that one should try to erase random and totally from their vocab before turning 30– at the choice of location. The job is very interesting too and it’s probable that I’ll get to scurry off to Latin America every once in a while. Ay Ay Ay.

I love Brendan so much, he’s been such a good no great boyfriend through all this. Obviously he’s going to have to support me for a few more months, while my work permit gets sorted but it’s a temporary setback. The jobs pays decently enough for this economy and I will be able to pay him back really soon.

Fuck sliced bread. Brendan, you’re the greatest thing, period.

(Oh he never reads Juice).


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