the rainbow connection

This one is all about rainbows and connections.

I slept at 2 am last night and woke up at 530 am. The exhaustion hit me around mid-day when I was in downtown Madrid shopping. Oh yes, shopping is back in fashion in Jupsville. It is making a cautious comeback. He He. Anyway, as I was saying I was thoroughly exhausted, giddy and hungry. Still I managed to make my way back to the hotel, packed up in a matter of minutes and left for the airport. I was nodding off on the cab too. And now I cannot sleep. The flight is comfy enough I guess but I definitely need to tone down the adrenaline in my veins. I just can’t sleep! Jetlag + Excitement = Insomnia.

I must tell you the spoils of the day – a sweetheart-neckline, flouncy skirted floral turquoise blue dress much like the one Carrie wears ** in an episode I cannot remember (yes, I know, sue me), a rolling stones teeshirt – something I’ve wanted since I was a teenager and a soft merino wool sweater for my boy. Shhhhh, don’t tell him!

Now I am in CDG (Say-Day-Jay please) airport waiting for my “correspondance” i.e. connection to Singapore. The flight’s in another 2 hours and I cannot wait to get back home. To celebrate something (finally) that I truly feel like celebrating, I am throwing an Iberian party for my friends and friends. No meatheads and naysayers allowed. I am throwing an Iberian party because I am bringing with me some of the key ingredients to such a party. Yummy Chorico Iberico, to-die-for red wines from Rioja/Crianza, Spanish pralines, nougat, empanadas, turrons, marzipan and extra virgin olive oil that I will use to make some filling food. Some french and Spanish cheeses form the supermarket should be able to finish off a nice evening with the people I care about. What more could I want?

(At this point I feel compelled to bitch that the wine I picked up last time from Barajas airport was priced at double its regular supermarket price. I am shocked. Oh and another wine I bought for my friends’ place last month for 35 SGD is priced at 4 euros here. EEEEEEEEEEKS.)

I am so excited about what lies ahead. I cannot believe I can think about shopping again. As I browsed through Madame magazine’s fashion special and found the Hermes “Hiver Indien” (Indian winter) collection, I remembered how much I want this scarf and how long I have wanted it so. It seems possible again. Owning that dream apartment wherever seen possible again. As does something I never really wanted – living in Manhattan, possibly in Park Avenue or some such cute place.

Living in New York – I just cannot imagine it. Blood rushes to my head everytime I do. I am scared and excited and skeptical all at once. It is no Singapore, of course. It will be so weird to live in a place that you watched on Sex and the City as if it was a place you would never get around to seeing, let alone live in. Or eat at restaurants that Hollywood stars eat just because they’re the “it” restaurant and not because they’re any good (yeah, this is going to be a problem for me). Or figuring out those words that manhattan people keep throwing around like east village or midtown or rent-controlled apartment. Good lord. This is bonkers.

Speaking of bonkers, I promise I won’t turn into one of those annoying stereotypical Manhattan women who cannot imagine fashion beyond factory outlets, men beyond fantasy-dashing-but-asshole type, real gourmet beyond pretentious fads and the world beyond manhattan. Yes I just made a totally mean and probably unfair generalisation. Hey you haven’t met the women I’ve met. And I promise I won’t take cabs all the time or turn into a bitch. I hope I can keep my promise, turning into a hypocrite is one of my worst fears. Many people I know have turned into douches post-MBA.

And don’t get me wrong for even a minute – this isn’t about moving to New York in itself. Brendan will be in Singapore and there is no part of that situation that I like. But I’ll be making decent money doing something I have a feeling I’ll be darned fucking good at. And if I am not good at it right away, I am pretty sure I will be. Basically there is loads of good stuff that could potentially come out of this. Including a stunning wardrobe.

I am listening to Sarah MacLachlan’s Rainbow Connection. I am wondering if this is all a dream. I have been struggling and sinking for so long that I almost stopped believing anything better than mediocre would happen for me. For God’s sake, even the Air France check-in counter guy was extraordinarily nice to me. He spoke in English, flagged my baggage as priority without my asking and when I pronounced CDG as Say-Day-Jay, he spoke in French and was even nicer. Do you have any idea how rare that is?! Good things are happening!

Someday we’ll find the rainbow connection – lovers, dreamers and me.

35 minutes to landing. I wonder if Brendan will come to the airport. It will be so awesome to see him there!

** This blue dress. Minus the black bra details.


3 thoughts on “the rainbow connection

  1. Jups, I’ve got a qs for you – if you had to do it all over again, would you still give up ur cushy ibank job and opt for the mba, and everything that came with it?

  2. heyy p… Yes I would! I was in a bad place then. Apart from the stable paycheck that paid for the shopping, the job wasn’t any fun, it was unintelligent and unrewarding. The mba wasn’t responsible for my unemployment either, the recession is and I didn’t see that one coming. I got a lot more fulfillment from the mba than I did from my job. It was very difficult but I learnt a great deal (really! I felt like I was in school again) and I got a boyfriend out of it too. The 6-month gap between my mba and my job notwithstanding, I’ve managed to quadruple my pre-tax salary too and to me, that is a good enough outcome from the mba. =)

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