deewangi deewangi

It’s Bollywood wedding day! So today and tomorrow, we are celebrating Princess’s lovely and lavish wedding here in Sunny Singapore. We have worked long and hard on putting up a dance performance – yes there are many dance performances tonight (and I secretly hope ours is the best). Shortie, Zip, AtoA and I are dancing with another friend on three Bollywood/Bhangra songs. We’re a bit older than the other dancing groups who are mostly younger siblings and cousins of the bride and groom but oh well, let’s hope we kick ass.

Mom’s sent a very pretty “anarkali” style salwar kameez in black georgette with orange stone embroidery. And might I say the colour matches deliriously with the beautiful henna that I got done on my palms yesterday. Didn’t wash my hands all evening and went to bed with vicks vaporub on them and hey presto, they’re red and pretty! And I have matching bangles for the reception outfit and the wedding outfit.

For the wedding reception tomorrow, I will wear the only saree I have with me in Singapore – a pretty handpainted wine red saree with a champagne coloured border. Hey I just realised that’s two booze shades! A friend of Princess that I recently met donated her expensive champagne coloured crystal earrings to me. I was intending to borrow them but she decided to give it to me as a going away present. How adorable! The earrings are to die for – chandelier design in elaborate white and champagne crystals. They’re heavy but I don’t care. What’s more? I have other dresses that these babies could literally light up with their sparkle.

In other news, I have been packing non stop. It’s maddening how big my wardrobe is. Remember when I went to France, how many bags of old clothes I threw out? Well, now it’s all good stuff, I can’t throw anything out and already I’ve packed 30 ks worth and I still have a wardrobe that looks pretty full, say 3/4 full, staring back at me. This shouldn’t be physically possible. Is my wardrobe from NARNIA?

Anyway, I am waiting with baited breath for my visa. I don’t know how long it will take. The bank is quite slow and even though I’ve already sent all my documents, they’re still mulling over them. The sooner they send my shit to the legal firm, the sooner they can get cracking on this damn application. The whole Christmas break in between isn’t helping either.

I’ve started looking at apartment choices already. It’s too soon but I need to understand the market to be able to make an informed choice. It’s going to be very hard to swing a two bedroom place in my budget but I would really really like to!

Anyway, gotta go spend 30 minutes washing my hair and getting ready for today. See ya.


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