livin’ la vida loca

I notice that my last post in Juice was in early January (barring the one I posted a coupla hours ago). This does not please me because who loves Juice more than me? It’s like an invisible pen-friend that I need to remember to write to once in a while. And I don’t mean once a month because that is just not enough to capture the miniscule goings-on of my flippant, whimsical existence. So here goes.

What have I been upto? A lot. Oh a hell lot. When we last spoke I was planning a trip to Madrid, a getaway in Granada and I was just fresh from purchasing my first ever Choos. I have obviously purchased a great deal more in the past few weeks so let’s start with the shopping update because Jups may change countries but she can never change her love for material things (in the foreseeable future).

I bought a business suit from Escada. Yes it cost me a king’s ransom and it took many alteration attempts to fix the length (apparently it was designed for someone 8 feet tall). I am still not 100% satisfied but I must say it is such a beautiful suit. Very conservative, yet very girly, it is a grey suit made of fine wool and has pretty but understated ruffles on the skirt and on the jacket. Victoria’s secret has an overcoat that matches it perfectly so guess what I am buying when I get my ass to NY.

Madrid was shopping paradise and I can only wish I was there for longer because I passed on some pretty amazing deals and I feel like prize idiot for doing so. You see, Europe and for that matter US are fucking cold and by fucking cold I mean horribly, painfully, makes-you-want-to-set-fire-to-yourself-just-because-it’d-make-you-warm cold. It’s horrible and what makes it worse is that you cannot manage with a can-do attitude to winter clothes. No sir, you need expensive, well-layered clothing to keep you warm. And it gets unreasonable at times. Take the classic “quilted” jacket for instance. A must have in frosty, cold weather, it is basically exactly the same as wrapping yourself in the quilt you sleep in and just as sexually appealing. I hate quilted jackets but I realise I need to get one stat! Then there’s shearling, which is basically a sheep costume. Good brands make great suede leather coats with shearling lining and these coats can keep you toasty warm in the most horrid of weathers. I need me one of these even thought strictly speaking, it does not pass my ethical standards. I found a magnificent coat of this kind in Cortefeil, an amazing Spanish label and hold your breath, DID NOT BUY IT. IT WAS 50% off and I DID NOT BUY IT. HOW FUCKING STUPID AM I? Very.

What I did buy was another adorable woolen suit, this time in pretty tweed. Culottes (sue me) and a cropped jacket. Brendan does not approve but I can just see myself in a page boy hat (that I don’t own yet) and this little costume. Perfectly cute but remind me to first lose the ten thousand kilos I’ve gained in the last six months.

What’s next? Yes, I did snag a white trenchcoat from Zara (70% off), a boring basic grey dress and some other random basic things. I am unhappy to report that despite having the cash, I could not buy any pretty shoes as I was WELL OVER my baggage limit (by well over I mean 4 kilos; don’t judge me, judge the bitchy women at the KLM counter who make it a point to make you miserable if you’re not white. There I said it, you are all racist.)

Other than that, Madrid was quite the chore. You never hear negative things about food from me but I got totally sick of the hotel food. Many of my colleagues got sick of it as well. Way too much salt and oil. I’ve also eaten enough jamon to last me six more months (which is just about right because I’ll be back in Madrid in September!) By the time, I reached Holland, I was sick big-time no thanks to my upset stomach, high fever and my fucking periods. There goes my little vacation. I couldn’t even go to Amsterdam.

But Granada was amazing. What a great holiday, I really need to TALK my heart out and I did. Nam and I chatted about everything from meaningless gossip to recruiting at banks. We stayed at a 4 star hotel minutes away from the Alhambra – the Alhambra Palace Hotel which was a treat in itself. The Alhambra was spectacular and old and wonderful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph well what with it being so run-down and the weather being such a grim, photo-unfriendly bitch. My own photos look horrifying – I look fat, fatter, fattest no thanks to recently piled-on chunk and exacerbated by several layers of clothing. But the point is that Granada was amazing and did I mention a whole 5 degrees warmer than Madrid. Awesome.

Oh well, now I am back to Mumbai. I am drowning in procedural bullshit for my visa. I’ll know more about my visa in a week from now so I just need to be patient. I would love to bitch to you nine to ninety about just how annoying and complicated my visa procedures have been but let’s reserve the pleasantries for AFTER I get my passport stamped.

You know, it still hasn’t sunk in, this whole moving-to-new-york thing. On the one hand, I can’t say that I ever really wanted it. On the proverbial other hand, I do admire the city though and I do think it will be awesome to stay in a fashion capital during a recession (fucking everything is on sale). But it’s so far away from everything I hold dear. Honestly, truly, I mean it; it is very very far away, physically, culturally, socially and every which way.

I am a little scared. Just a wee bit. Even if I forget for just a second the miscellaneous weird “warnings” I have received (like how you are destined to get mugged or how noone ever ventures out after 8pm?), I still am a little jittery at the thought of moving to a whole new world. My God, I think I just referenced Aladdin. I am going to live all alone, no flatmates, I am going to set up my apartment (it’s going to be both painful and fun), I am going to work at a new office at a brand new job.

It’s going to be fucking scary and very exciting.


2 thoughts on “livin’ la vida loca

  1. hahaha – sounds like ur having an awesome time. V. jealous of Zara – have heard it’s AMAZING :Dhave a great time in Mumbai and well be waiting for u to appear on the other side in NY 🙂

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