let it snow

From yesterday…

It’s a snowy snowy day and it’s been exactly one week since I came to this fine city. And when I move in to my new New York apartment, I’d like to say I’d have arrived. No, maybe when I get my first paycheck. Nah, still too cheesy. Technically it’s not my apartment yet, I have to go through some amount of bureaucracy to get anything done here which makes me miss Singapore a lot.

There are a lot of things here that don’t feel very first-world-ish to me. People who rave about this country and this city will never tell you that…
a cheque takes 5 working days to clear, or that
you can’t get a credit card no matter how big your salary is because you’re a foreigner and you need a credit history in the states. “So you had a platinum credit card. That don’t impress me much…” or that
incoming calls aren’t free ( that reminds me of South/South East Asia circa fifty years ago!), or that
3G is a relatively new phenomenon?

But I am not going to bitch too much right now because it’s not like I am crabby or anything. Yes, I am holed up in my hotel room, bored as hell, because it was snowing allllllllll day and allllllllll of last night and going anywhere or doing anything is a huge chore. I need to think long and hard about what I wanna have for dinner and whether it will be worth it getting out of bed to get it after all.

But let’s talk about my future apartment because I am so looking forward to moving into that little sanctuary. It’s a big (big enough for me anyway), spacious apartment with a granite kitchen and a marble bathroom, a living room, a dining area and a bedroom. It has FOUR closets!


The building has a pool and gym that I highly look forward to using given that I am astronomically overweight. It is worrying and I feel like I have the sex appeal of wet socks. Eating out daily these past few days hasn’t helped even though I barely eat and am hardly ever hungry what with all the jet lag.

As for New York shopping, well I am willing and able since I just received my first couple of advance checks. It was surreal to … own money after so long. And so I went to Bloomingdale’s and picked up a chocolate brown cashmere coat. It was 400$ and I didn’t mind because I thought it was pretty and soft and warm. But alas, I had to return it because the shoulders were too big for me. Size is going to be an issue here, ironically, because I am a small person by the standards here. The same for shoe size. And I am dangerously low on winter wear which is sold out everywhere. I have made my first online purchase for a pretty michael kors belt and a via spiga down jacket. I hope it is the right size because it will be totally irritating if I have to go more days in this blistering snowy weather with my weak-ass winter wardrobe.

But yes, there are other things that have caught my eye. Bloomingdale’s is huge and so are the online stores. I have taken a liking to Hype and am definitely making a purchase of one of their gorgeous bags very very soon. Just as soon as I adjust myself to having money again.

Like I said, it is absolutely surreal to be making money again. I feel validated and self-sufficient. I am not adjusted yet, I am being a bit stingy at times and can you blame me? I’ve been a very good girl these past few months (barring the escada and choo purchases). So yes, I am accounting for my expenses in a spreadsheet like I used to in the first 2 years of my work life right after university. I have also set a savings target for the end of year which I absolutely must achieve. It’s a recession and those savings are going to pay for my wedding a coupla years from now. Groan and moan, but we must grow up. Like I haven’t done enough of that in the past few years. I have way too many grey hair and wrinkles for someone my age.

And now it is 1.30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday and thanks to the powers that be, there is bright sunshine pouring into my room. The temperature has gone up to -6 degrees from -12 in the morning. So if you will excuse me, I will be off to the department stores to try out sweaters that I am in dire need of. Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “let it snow

  1. heheh sounds like ur having heaps of fun (barring the snow, credit problems and adjusting).yay to shopping! pliss put up pics of ur lovely new purchases (i shall live vicariously thru u now :P)

  2. Silvara, sure! all in good time, i don’t even have a camera actually 🙂 but if you don;t mind camera phone quality, then sureNivedita – oh my.. noone’s ever said that to me before 🙂 captain – pfffft. Sure I returned it but ask me what I did with the money? *hides*

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