you found me

Things have not been peachy. I’ve moved into my new perfect apartment and well, it’s not that perfect. It’s not the apartment;it’s new york. This city is the noisiest I’ve ever lived in and I’ve lived in Bombay for crying out.there’s a stupid shit bbq restauarant/bar on the ground floor and a the elevator shaft runs right behind my kitchen wall. Result- a faint bbq smell when I open the window and loud noise in my living room and kitchen whenever some takes the elevator (I.e. All the time). I’m contemplating a move within the building to a higher floor but that apartment is definitely a downgrade from this one – it’s smaller with fewer closets and has no dining room(and the bathroom isn’t all marble). I know I know…you can’t have it all but at the rent I’m paying I deserve to.
I’m on my blackberry typing this at jfk airport waiting from brendan to arrive from miami. Thank god for small mercies. The next few days might just be the most peaceful days I spend in this hustling bustling harried peaceless city.


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