love story

Whoa. I have been so busy! First of all, work is a bitch. So you’re thinking, this woman has spent 3 years cribbing about the two different jobs she had at two different banks so clearly after the MBA she should have landed herself a much better and more fulfilling job and clearly we would have to listen to a lot less bitchy, whiney rants, right? Wrong. Because as it turns out, unless you are a traveling pot-painter, your job sucks. That’s why they call it that.

I have to get in by 730 in the morning. In order to do this, I have to decide what to wear the night before. How can I in words express just how difficult that is? Let’s just say that since I am operating with only 30% of my wardrobe 3% of my bags and .3% of my shoes, it’s been doable. And it’s winter so you can basically rule out 99% of my wardrobe anyway. Walking to the subway (even if takes only 5 minutes) is utterly annoying because you’re taken out of the comfort of your heated apartment and into the blistering, windy cold. Now I know what a snap-frozen strawberry feels.

I finish at work at 730 and that leaves very very little time considering I need to be in bed early due to aforementioned reasons. Mind you my apartment is still as empty as a supermodel’s brain and just as scarcely illuminated. I knew that apartments in NY are unfurnished so I understand I need to buy my own furniture. Fine but I didn’t know I have to worry about lighting too. Specifically, about the bedroom where my closet is – so I don’t have to grope in the dark in the morning wondering what to wear. So in NY apartments, they don’t install a ceiling light in the bedroom – they do in the kitchen, living, corridor and entrance but not in the bedroom. There must be some divine force that interferes with installing a light in the bedroom because I cannot think of any other explanation. What they do install is a “courtesy switch”. Just exactly how is this switch being courteous? It turns on the nothingness? No silly, if you buy your own damn lamp and plug it in, then hey presto, the lamp can be turned on and off using the courtesy switch. A courtesy switch is known as a “switch” in the rest of the world.

Holy Shit! I slipped out for lunch with Brendan which has been the norm this week since he’s here. We usually go to delis and burger places and end up spending over 25$ on lunch everyday. I just checked my account balance and it is not good. From the looks of it, I seem to have blown away more than a thousand bucks on meals. So yes, I am going to return the patent leather bag I purchased because I cannot justify the cost anymore (and Brendan didn’t like it) so that I delude myself into thinking I have more money. Meanwhile I need to figure out cheaper meal alternatives until I get my kitchen up and running. There are no cheap lunch alternatives. Everything you touch is gonna cost you upwards of 10$ and that’s not cheap. That’s over 400$ not including coffees, juices and side dishes! (And this isn’t even restaurant fare). I would rather “wear” my money than “eat” it. Not totally because I do love a good meal or a glass of nice wine but spending all my money on lame sandwiches is not my thang.

So back to furnishing the apartment. I have probably already told you about how painstakingly I am building models to estimate my furnishing expenses, to list what I need in each room, where I can buy those things, etc etc. Going out and actually buying these things is equally time consuming – I have to visit multiple stores multiple times. I also need to make that awful trip to IKEA because let’s face it – IKEA rocks. IKEA may be a pain to go to, a pain to hunt for stuff in but they have good stuff at great prices.

So I think I started writing this on Tuesday and it’s already Thursday here. That’s how busy I am. I have no time to send emails to friends or to even check facebook or anything! I didn’t even get time to download my “free” song from iTunes. Yeap, Starbucks here gives out a free song every week. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Giving or receiving a song is very…. poetic.

My schedule is jampacked this week. I am trying to maximize time with Brendan, make sure he has a good time in NY, make a good impression at work by showing up on time and leaving late, cram up as much home-related-shopping in the remaining time and who knows, sleep a little. Yesterday we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. This saturday we’re cramming brunch at the Central Park lakeside restaurant (we wanted to do the boatride but that doesn’t start until spring), a visit to the Met and perhaps a ride to Wall Street to see the Statue of Liberty from afar.

There are tons of sales in NY as we speak and that is a relief to me given I’ll be making some big-ticket purchases. Today there’s a Ralph Lauren Home sale so I hope I can get out of work early and see what I can find there. Wish me luck so I can return with sheets, or a coffee table or a nice floor lamp to match my “courtesy switch”.


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