easy tonight

I may dislike a whole bunch of things about New York but there are things I like. The general public being all too eager to talk is probably one of them. As I get out of the “6” every morning, there is a newspaper man (he’s not a boy!) giving out the free paper –am New York. I admire this fellow. He’s up early and he’s always standing there giving the paper, usually to people who decline. And he’s in a great mood, always talking to people, wishing them his signature “go-ooh-od morning” and “have a nice day” and announcing the news in the “read all about it!” way. I find him to be such an inspiration – if he can be so cheerful and so proactive while distributing a free paper so early in the morning, so can I. This morning I couldn’t get to him so I asked the guy standing by my office “Can I have one?” and the guy goes “Of course you can sweetheart, and you have a great day!”…wow and these guys don’t even get paid per paper. When I got back home yesterday, I saw a man standing by the telephone that’s a few steps away from my entrance. He says to me “Welcome back home!” I was first cautious (talking to strangers isn’t a good idea), then I was bemused and finally somewhat grateful – after all, when I get back to the apartment itself, there is no one to actually say that. So I simply smiled.

Anyway, I bought the airport express yesterday given that I need a wireless router and this one seems to do the trick and has some additional functionalities. I have to say I am not impressed. It took longer to set up than was claimed, it doesn’t charge or sync up your iPod or your hard drive (as was told to me by the Apple store guy). Yes “Airtunes” works but I just don’t see what the big deal is. Oh well, still deciding whether to keep it or return it.

I ordered my floor lamp today (finally). I have been managing with a very traditional and beautiful Ralph Lauren Home bronze lamp that I picked up in a sample sale in Chelsea. A special mention must also be made of the Ralph Lauren scented candles. I know what you’re thinking – what’s the big deal about “branded” candles? Me too. I had to eat my own words because not only do these babies smell great, they perfume my entire bedroom in less than 10 minutes. I have never experienced that any candles. Needless to say they are not affordable vis a vis the usual IKEA tealights I normally use so I have to wait for the next sale.

I unpacked and arranged the dinnerware last night, along with some other things. My height seems to be an issue because I can’t reach the second and third shelves of any of my kitchen cabinets! Sigh, oh well, this means one must prioritize by usage so the pretty stuff that comes only for parties must be relegated to the top shelves. Sigh. I managed to clear my counter top otherwise known as “the bar” (because I have a bar style kitchen) of all the miscellaneous receipts and other junk. I am also slowly ordering my closets – coat, shoes, bags and clothes. Maybe I’ll have names for the closets! Wheeee. Yeah I don’t have much of a social life; I do miss getting phone calls from people. Sigh.

My next big-ticket purchase shall be the TV and home theatre. I guess I don’t really need the latter because my apartment’s not the Windsor Castle or anything. It’s small enough for a TV’s output to suffice but anywho it’s the TV that costs a bucket of cash not the home theatre. Here I am confused. Should I go for LCD or Plasma? Sony or Samsung? 30-40 inch? More than 42 inches? Why is there such a jump in price upwards of 42 inches? Size matters but beyond a certain extent, the excess is redundant, right? Pun intended.

I’ve decided NOT to go shopping and hunting today. Taking a train from midtown to downtown, getting lost in the maze of roads in SoHo and Canal Street, spending 2 hours in a furniture store not knowing what to get and then taking the cab back home is getting to me. I am starting to hate Canal street! This is the one street where everyone gives you wrong directions. It’s too bad though that SoHo is such a cool neighbourhood – you can get everything there (except groceries I think!). But well, like I said, I’ll take it easy tonight.


2 thoughts on “easy tonight

  1. Jups – That’s what she said!! That’s what she said!! (Ok, that’s a ‘the office’ reference) Decorating is so much fun! We have a samsung 42 inch and I just love it!Nandini – that was sooo funny! :)-mockingbird

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