Quiet times

I haven’t had much R&R this w/e. I did quite a fair bit in the past two days and clearly I am quite exhausted today but I have a few reasons to be proud of myself. Reason 1: I brought lunch with me all five days last week. Yes, every evening I came home late but managed to make myself dinner and lunch for the next day while watching episodes of Will and Grace. Reason 2: I emptied all the suitcases, roughly arranged and allocated things to their respective closets and unwrapped from their cumbersome packing, the two gorgeous artpieces that are going to be hung in my living room. The lighter posters, picture frames and silks have already been hung. Reason 3: I am checking off more items from my to-buy list. On Saturday, I bought my TV and home theatre system but it was no mean task. I first went to JR in Park Row, didn’t quite like the selection. Then I went to best buy on 23rd street, spent many minutes waiting to be helped, got advice from a friendly rep and finally made my choices only to find out that they didn’t have them in stock in that particular store. But they did in another store in NoHo. So I took a cab to NoHo. The asshole cab driver shamelessly dropped me off one black away when he could just as easily have kept going straight and dropped me at my destination! And to think I tipped this jerk? So unfair. At this best buy, first they told me they didn’t have the TV (a total what-the-fuck moment), then they found out that they did and kept me waiting for a good 15 minutes. Then I am asked to buy extended warranty and I decide not to (taking Brendan’s advice) and then my card refuses to work so I am on the phone with Citibank for another 15 minutes. I finally get home by 8 fucking 30. I didn’t know by the end of it whether I had bought a TV or manually made one. Oh and by the way, I paid 70$ for same delivery but they won’t unpack or install the TV for me. They just “deliver”.

So on Sunday morning, I wake up early. Obviously I have a lot to do. I need to get these two electronic monsters unpacked and wired in. And maybe, just maybe, find some extra time to go out and buy other things I need for the apartment. I chatted with Brendan and then the family and while I did that, I unpacked and assembled my home theatre system. No way to test the video but the audio works fine.

I then contemplated some of the ways I could get the TV out of the box. My first idea was to turn the box upside down, slide the tv out and turn it up afterward. But the box said that was a bad idea.. (there was a cross sign and one of those exclamation mark-in-a-triangle symbols). Mind you this box is about 60 inches long and that’s how tall I am. So we’re talking about a box that doesn’t quite fit in the span of my fully stretched arms. Then Brendan suggests I should rip the side of the box and slide the TV out like I would a drawer. This doesn’t work because the box is tough and clearly glued with industrial strength glue. So I guess there was no choice but do it the way it was supposed to be done. I pulled it out upwards with both arms, rested it on my feet, gently kicked the box away so it fell flat on the floor. I then rested the tv on the box and screwed on the base. Once this was done, I tilted the tv backwards and made it stand on its base and finally unraveled the covering. And that is how I assembled my monster TV all by myself. Reason number 4.

I had lunch and then a shower. I talked to Casa who as we speak is on a flight to New York and I am so kicked about that! Another cab ride to Macy’s and I quickly scurried in and out of the Cellar with an Oster blender and two beautiful handpainted coffee mugs.

I met Chiquita for dinner and on the way back, made some more grocery purchases. Then I made and packed today’s lunch. And then I had the strangest idea – I made my morning coffee and stuck it in the fridge! This morning I heated it up and gulped it down in seconds. That was clever! It tasted just as good as my starbucks latte. Since I don’t have the time to wait at the long line in starbucks right before the 730 meeting, this does a good job of keeping me awake too. Reason number 4.5

The craziest thing happened this morning. As always, I went downstairs into the subway and proceeded to refill my metrocard. I try one machine and its atm card slot is jammed. I try the second. I try the third. Someone has clearly vandalized all three machines by jamming cards thin cards into the slots. Fucking hell, how am I supposed to board the train now! I run out, cross the avenue go into the downtown entrance praying that they didn’t vandalise those machines. They haven’t. I quickly refill my card and run back across to take my train. Luckily for me, I still made it on time (Reason number 5) but I was breathless and sweating. Not a great feeling.

Work is going to be a killer today but I hope I can still get back home at a reasonable hour so Casa and I can hang out and catch up. It’s going to be another exhausting week of rigorous multitasking. But hey, I may be busy and exhausted but I still managed to have a new blog post up by 10 in the morning on a Monday. Reason number 6.

By the way, I downloaded my free Starbucks song – Dido’s Quiet times and it’s such a wonderful song. Well it makes me sorta blue because I miss Brendan so much but it’s also a great song for someone who has recently brought some serious solitude upon herself.

Coming up next week: Furniture purchases!
Update: I am going to deduct one point because I just discovered that I completely forgot about Earth Hour and it is so unlike me to ignore something that is important to the planet – I am not proud of that.


One thought on “Quiet times

  1. *in awe*Wow – I totally think you’re awesome. for one, I have SEEN those monster TV’s and having to unpack and install that all yourself…Hats off.Busy busy week!!

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