red red wine

It’s a beautiful day despite a number of silly, stupid things. It’s a beautiful day despite the fact that
– I stayed at work till ten, which meant that my dinner plans at Lusso were shot to shit
– It was too late to do anything else so we had a cheap Indian dinner and wine at home instead
– I got less sleep because I could only sleep past midnight and was at the office at 730
– It’s raining…it’s raining cold rain
It’s a lovely day because
– last night Casa went and shopped for me, she picked up a pretty wrought iron wine rack, two bottles of pinot noir, nice wine glasses and fresh flowers for the apartment
– I woke up this morning and I saw the pretty wine rack and it just felt so nice. I think I like this apartment more now
– That adorable newspaper man was as always such a delight to see. I wish I could tell him what a difference he makes to my morning.
– I met casa for lunch and we went shopping (yes during lunch!) to Saks and bought pretty makeup..wheeee
– I tried the makeup on and it looks greattt! I should be proud of this brown skin, a little bit of gold and bronze and voila there’s that lovely sun kissed look that goes great with anything.
– Someone told me my earrings are pretty. So what if he was a giant jackass and in all likelihood lying and gave me a sample and then took it back and then did a demo on half my face and refused to do the other half because he was only trying to get me to buy the 40$ bottle of illuminator. Screw him.

The weather is slated to get worse as the day goes by. Groan. I do wish I could get out of work early today because my health club membership kicks in today and I am also due to get some dry cleaning done. And maybe order some jeans online. And have a nice dinner at Lusso perhaps? So much to do!


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