what about now

It is here. My first official paycheck since July 2007. It is bigger and better than the ones I received before. It is fucking fabulous. It is surreal. I am not going to count my advance checks from last month because that wasn’t salary. This is. I paid taxes. I am paying rent. I am officially a consumer. Not that I wasn’t consuming before.

I am really happy today especially because I know that with a little bit of discipline, I can save a bunch of money that I can use to repay my loans with in 2010. That’s good news. I am celebrating tonight at a supposedly lovely Italian restaurant in SoHo with Casa. That is if I can get out of work soon enough. Actually to be perfectly honest, I don’t have anything to do right now. I am just here for the airtime. So yes, I hope I don’t have to stay later than 730.

On another note, I had the cable hooked up and praise the lord, it all works now. I cannot wait to watch a movie on my new home entertainment system!

Unfortunately, dinner plans seem to be evaporating as it’s already 820 and I am still at work. Yeap, I am officially a worker bee. Whoopdee doo.


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